Chen Mingshu

Chen Mingshu
Premier of the Republic of China
In office
15 December 1931  1 January 1932
Preceded by Chiang Kai-shek
Succeeded by Sun Fo
Vice Premier of the Republic of China
In office
16 December 1931  29 January 1932
Preceded by T. V. Soong
Succeeded by T. V. Soong
Personal details
Born 4 December 1899
Kwangtung, Qing Dynasty
Died 1965
Beijing, China
Nationality  Republic of China

Chen Mingshu (simplified Chinese: 陈铭枢; traditional Chinese: 陳銘樞; October 15, 1889 – May 15, 1965) was a Chinese general and politician. A Hakka from Hepu, Guangxi, he graduated from Baoding Military Academy and participated in the Northern Expedition. He was briefly premier after Chiang Kai-shek stepped down in December 1931. He took part in the Battle of Shanghai (1932), defending the city against the Japanese Empire.

He was a munber of Social Democratic Party of China

He was one of the principal leaders of the Fujian Rebellion and the Productive People's Party (General Secretary), the failure of which forced him into exile in Hong Kong. In 1948, he joined the Revolutionary Committee of the Kuomintang's central standing committee. After the People's Republic of China was founded, he sat on the standing committees of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference and the National People's Congress. During the Anti-Rightist Movement, he was determined to be a "rightist", and was forced out of politics.

Government offices
Preceded by
Chiang Kai-shek
Premier of the Republic of China
Succeeded by
Sun Fo
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