Chashan language

Native to China
Region Yunnan
Native speakers
587 (2010)[1]
Language codes
ISO 639-3 (included in lsi)
Glottolog None

Chashan 茶山 (autonym: ŋɔ˧˩ tʃʰaŋ˥) is a Burmish language spoken in Pianma Township 片马镇, Lushui County, Yunnan, China, in Xiapianma 下片马,[2] Gangfang 岗房,[3] and Gulang 古浪[4] villages (Dai, et al. 2009).[5] It is closely related to Lashi, and has 56.3% lexical similarity with Lashi of Lushui County out of a sample of 1,000 vocabulary words (Dai 2010:118).

In Pianma Township, there are 587 Chashan people officially classified as ethnic Lisu. The local people consider the Chashan to be a distinct ethnic group, separate from the Jingpo people (Chinese: 景颇族). The Chashan autonym is ŋɔ˧˩ tʃʰaŋ˥ (Echang 峨昌), similar to that of the Achang. More Chashan speakers may be found across the border in Kachin State, Burma.


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