Charon (web browser)

Charon on Inferno
Developer(s) Vita Nuova Holdings
Written in Limbo
Operating system Inferno
Size 452 KB
Available in English
Type Web browser
License GPLv2

Charon is a web browser for the Inferno operating system. It is a basic graphical browser with support for JavaScript, HTTPS, and basic support for FTP, but lacks support for any CSS.


Charon was originally written by Howard Trickey in Limbo for Inferno. It runs under the wm window manager, but can also run directly on the draw device. It supports a subset of the HTML and ECMAScript standards.

Charon was later ported to C by the author to become the unfinished Plan 9 i web browser.

As part of the acme standalone project, Charon was implemented as a client to run inside acme.[1]


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