Changyu was founded in 1892 by Mr. Chang Bishi, a patriotic leader of overseas Chinese in modern China, in Yantai City, Shandong Province, revealing the era of Chinese wine in industrialized production. After 125 years of development, Changyu has been the largest wine production and operation enterprise in China, even in Asia, and is becoming an international wine brand operator possessing a number of internationally excellent brands.

Changyu will continue to explore vintage wine in different production regions around the world for Chinese consumers. Together with the Chinese wine brands of Changyu, such foreign wine brands will become high-quality, high cost-effective and diversified product choices for Chinese consumers.


Over two thousand years ago, in the northwest region of Xinjiang there existed grapes, and during the Han Dynasty, Zhang Dian brought back both grape seeds and wine makers from the Middle East. It is known that the Han emperor enjoyed the flavor of these wines, but the plants and techniques were not passed down. When Zhang Bishi decided to build his own winery in Yantai in 1892, there was little to be found there but a few edible grapes.

He first brought 2,000 plants from the United States, but few bore fruit and were not sweet enough. As well, half of the vines rotted away before harvest, so he bought 640,000 more from Europe. Even these plants found difficulty growing in the foreign Chinese soil that only 20 to 30% of them survived.

In order to save the venture, Zhang Bishi sent for and brought back wild plants from northeast China, plants that produced a bitter fruit. They were grafted to the foreign plants and, after three years, they were planted in the Shandong vineyards. The new vines survived, granting fruit rich in sugar with good color and were insect, disease, and cold resistant.


Zhang Bishi (1841–1916) - The founder of Changyu Company. He was an important overseas Chinese diplomat, having a high-level position in the Qing Dynasty. He devoted his life to his motherland by developing Chinese industry. In 1892, he invested three million liang of silver to establish Changyu Winemaking Company, which was the beginning of the Chinese wine industry.

Zhang Chengqing (1872–1914) - The First General Manager of Changyu Company. He was the nephew of Zhang Bishi and a fourth rank official of the Qing Dynasty. The Grand Cellar was built, 3,000 hectares of premium vineyards, and dozens of different products were developed during his term.

Mr. Balboa (Belgium) - Changyu's First Winemaker.

Zhang Zizhang (China) - Changyu's First Chinese Winemaker.

Ross Moser(Austria)- Chief Enologist of Ningxia Chateau Changyu Moser XV.

John Salvi(Italy)- Honorary Head and Chief Enologist of Xinjiang Chateau Changyu Baron Balboa.

AugustusReina(Italy)- Chief Enologist of Shaanxi Chateau Changyu Rena .

Gohadi Fagnani(France)- Chief Enologist of Beijing Chateau Changyu AFIP Global.

Albert Milan(Canada)- Chief Enologist of Liaoning Chateau Changyu Golden Icewine Valley.

Norbert Buchonnet(France)- Chief Enologist of Yantai Chateau Changyu-Castel .

The Grand Cellar

The Grand Cellar was first built in 1894. Although it needed to be rebuilt three times in the first 11 years, it has lasted for more than 100 years. It is considered a great historical landmark in Chinese architecture, with its creative design and construction work praised by both Chinese and foreign engineering experts.

The Grand Cellar is 1,976 square metres in size and 7 metres in depth. The ground of the cellar is 1 metre below sea level and the whole of the cellar is no more than 100 metres away from the sea. It maintains a constant temperature and humidity throughout the year and is ideal for wine maturation. Still in use today, thousands of oak barrels arranged around the cellar, with 3 of them large enough to store 15 tonnes of wine each.

Most Influential Wine Brand in China

1.Sales Amount Retaining the First Place in the Chinese Market for over 20 Years

With the efforts of all the Changyu people, Changyu has ranked first in Chinese market in terms of sales amount for more than 20 years. In 2015, the sales amount and profit surpassed that of the competitors to a large extent, in which its sales amount was 1.7 times of the total of the second place and the third place, and its profit was more than 7 times of that of the second place and the third place.

2.Most Professional Wine Marketing System in China

Changyu has established 8 channel companies in China, including City Hotel Channel, City Convenience Store Channel, Suburb County Channel, KA Channel, B/C Channel, Pioneer Exclusive Store Channel, VIP Group Buying Channel and Wine Pioneer E-commerce Channel to promote the improved management of channels. Besides, it owns 35 province-level companies,312 city-level companies, 3,700 salesmen, 6,200 promotions specialists, 5,300 franchisers and 29 warehouse logistics centers, which form China’s largest wine marketing system.

3.Supplied for State Banquet for over 60 Years

The 120-year-old Changyu wine has kept relations with State Banquet for over 60 years. In 1949, Changyu appeared in the first state banquet of the New China - dinner party for celebrating the First Plenary Session of CPPCC. In the later 60 years, Changyu, as the state banquet wine, has being witnessed numerous important historical moments and conveyed China's sincerity and hospitality to distinguished foreign guests.

International Influence

I. World Leading Wine Brand Operator, Possessing a Number of Internationally Excellent Brands

Over the years, Changyu has always been committed to the layout of high-quality wine production regions in the world, as well as the integration of high-quality wine brand assets. So far, Changyu owns three excellent international brands, namely, Roullet-Fransac Cognac (France), Chateau Mirefleurs (France) and Marques Del Atrio (Spain). In the future, it will incorporate more excellent international brands.

Changyu Roullet-Fransac Cognac, France

In Oct. 2013, Roullet-Fransac Cognac was acquired by Changyu. The XO and VSOP Cognac brandy therein has been brought in the Chinese market.

Marques Del Atrio, Spain

Coming from “Bordeaux, Spain”, Marques Del Atrio is one of the top five producers in Rioja. Its winemaking history can be dated back to the end of the 19th century. So far, it has a history of over a century. Due to its advantaged regional conditions and advanced winemaking process, the products of Marques Del Atrio have outstanding quality and cost performance. It enjoys high popularity in the international market, and has been sold in over 40 countries of the five continents.

Chateau Mirefleurs, France

Chateau Mirefleurs is located in Yvrac, Bordeaux, France. The chateau is a stone building built around 1860. With a long history, it owns two brands, Chateau Mirefleurs and Chateau Techeney. Thomas Do Chi Nam, Chef de Cave of the chateau once served as the technical director of Chateau Margaux (First Growth) and Chateau Pichon Lalande (Second Growth), Bordeaux, with rich experience in winemaking.

II. Changyu Products Enter into Overseas Famous High-end Consumption Places

Changyu [null Noble Dragon] exported to 28 countries in Europe, America and Asia

Changyu Noble Dragon bought by Waitrose, a supplier for British Royal Family

BBR - the appointed wine shop of UK royal family offers permanent shelf for Changyu wines

Changyu Noble Dragon is the only Chinese wine brand in the wine menu of Seven Park Place

Changyu Golden Icewine Valley Wine Entered into Seven-Star Hotel Dubai

Changyu Dry Red Wine Appeared in Germany's Largest Department Store

Changyu Swill Zen Boarded the Luxury Cruise "Queen Mary 2"

Changyu WineEnters into Michelin Three-Star Restaurant - The Fat Duck

Changyu Noble Dragon Sold in Spanish Carrefour Supermarkets

Changyu Noble Dragon Enters Second Largest Chain Supermarket in England for Overall Sale

International reports

1.World authoritative wine magazine Decanter

On March 19, 2013, the world's authoritative wine magazine Decanter reported that Britain's oldest wine company BBR (full name Berry Bros & Rudd) announced it will for the first time set up a permanent shelf for Changyu wine from China.

2.The Guardian and The Sunday Times

Changyu's four series of wines went on sale through BBR, the UK royal wine dealer, on March 21, 2013, which attracted great attention from The Guardian, The Sunday Times and other British media.

3.Financial Times

In 2009, a research report issued by Financial Times listed world's next top five food and beverage brands in emerging market, including Changyu.

4.Sky TV

In December 2012, UK Sky has aired the special coverage Chinese Wine That Fit for the Queen about the Chateau Changyu Golden Icewine Valley.


On October 28, 2013, Time quoted the description from the famous British wine critic Hugh Johnson that China is arising wine country. The red wine made by Ningxia Chateau Changyu Moser XV is very easy to be taken as a product similar to those produced in Bordeaux.

6.Wall Street Journal

According to a 2009 report by the Wall Street Journal, Morgan Stanley included Changyu in its basket of stocks which, as it appraised, would probably benefit from China's growing consumption expenditures.

Highly Appreciated

1.Changyu was the pioneer of Shandong wine industry and now absolutely is the industrial leader.

—Jancis Robinson, British wine master.

2.Changyu demonstrates how to create first-class wine by integrating winemaking expertise of wine producers from the “old world" and the "new world".

—Mark Pardoe MW, Purchasing Director of British royal family wine supplier BBR

3.Changyu wine is elegant and fine, feeling like from the 'old world’. Although in different series, from different regions and featuring different grades, wines can be tacked to the same origin in terms of winemaking philosophy.

—Thierry Desseauve, Co-editor of Bettane Desseauve’s Guide to the Wines of France, Co-founder of independent wine-tasting agency 

4.Since the first time I came to China in 1987, I saw that China's wine industry had been making continuous progress in which Changyu was developing faster like a running Ferrari.

—Robert Joseph, a famous British wine critic

5.Changyu wine is absolutely comparable with world-famous brands; it will be definitely welcomed by the world.

—Robert Tinlot, Honorary Chairman of OIV (International Organization of Vine and Wine)

International Authoritative Awards

Changyu Gold Valley Icewine Won the Decanter World Wine Awards

Changyu Golden Icewine Valley Icewine Won Sweet Wine Prize in SIAL China International Wine and Spirits Competition

Changyu Noble Dragon is Awarded as the "World Top Wine Brand"

Changyu Koyac XO Brandy Wins San Francisco World Spirits Competition Silver Medal

Changyu Koyac XO Brandy Wins Concours Mondial de Bruxelles as the Only Asian brandy

Changyu Koyac XO Brandy Wins "the Best-silver Spirit" at the International Wine and Spirit Competition in London

Changyu Koyac XO Brandy Wins the “Grand Gold Medal” at the Spirits Selection by Concours Mondial de Bruxelles

Changyu Gets Listed in 2016 “Top Ten Global Best-selling Wine Brands” of Drinks Business

Changyu Golden Icewine Valley Icewine Wins the Silver Medal of 2016 IWSC

In 2016, 4 Series of Changyu Wines Won Prizes in 2016 Decanter DWWA

In 2016, 3 Series of Changyu Pioneer wines Won 2016 RVF CHINA’s Pick of Imported Wines

In 2016, 2 Series of Wines of Changyu Won “Chinese Wine of the Year” of Bettane & Desseauve’s Guide to the Wines of France

Wine Production

Chateau Changyu-Castel

Located at the Beiyujia Village of the Yantai Economic and Technical Development Zone, Chateau Changyu-Castel has a total are 135 hectares of vineyards and large wine-making chateau. Following the traditional European chateau style, the design of the square, the interior decoration and the wine tasting room was made by Mr. Micel Mirande, a member of the French Architecture Association. The primary grape variety is Cabernet Gernischt, introduced from Europe over 100 years ago.

Chateau Changyu-AFIP

Located just to the northeast of Beijing, Chateau Changyu-AFIP is Changyu's newest chateau and is regarded by the OIV as the 'new model of global chateau'.

Golden Icewine Valley

The area around Hanlong Lake in Liaoning is recognized as "golden ice wine valley" or "eastern Ontario". Currently, there are more than 5,000 hectares of ice wine vineyard at an altitude of 380 meters. The adjacent lake ensures that the weather is cold, but not too dry. The primary grape variety is Vidal, introduced by Aurora, a Canadian wine company.

Chateau Changyu Moser XV

Located in Yinchuan High and New Tech Development Zone, Ningxia Chateau Changyu Moser XV is a high-end complex chateau integrated with grape planting, high-end wine making, wine culture exhibition, wine tasting, conference reception and tourism integrated in one. In March 2013, UK royal wine dealer BBR announced to provide permanent shelf for Changyu Moser XV, making Moser XV the first Chinese chateau that has entered into European market.

Chateau Changyu Baron Balboa

Named after the first wine maker - Baron Balboa, Xinjiang Chateau Changyu Baron Balboa lies in Nanshan New District, Shihezi City. It is a large-scale modern chateau serving for grape cultivating, wine making and sales, culture communication and tourism. The unique gobi gravel soil and sunshine comparable with Bordeaux in the region allow the chateau to produce 13.5 degree wine every year.

Chateau Changyu Rena

Named after the Rena family, its brewing technology partner and a historic Italian wine making family, Shaanxi Chateau Changyu Verna is located in Weicheng district of Xianyang City. Augustus, a descendant of the family, serves as Chief Enologist of the chateau. With unique "changing-barrel" technology, the wine stored in barrels from over 20 different origins and in different degree of roasting are in the optimal balance.

Chateau (under Construction)

The Chateau is named after Mr. Tinlot, OIV Honorary President. The chateau has 1000 mu hillside vineyard with gravel soils. There the over 10-year-old grapevines are cultivated in an organic way. Grapes from one mu of grapevines can only brew one barrel (225 liters) of wine, and annual yield is limited to 250,000 bottles. Quantity control of this chateau is comparable with famous French chateaus. It will be the first collection-grade wine chateau in China after its completion.

Koyac Brandy Chateau (under Construction)

Built with Romanesque style in European Middle Ages, Koyac Brandy Chateau will be the first specialized brandy Chateau in China after its completion. The Chateau lies alongside Liulin River, where river water is used to drive waterwheels. With slope potential energy, the Chateau will be the first chateau adopting natural power for brewing in China.

Changyu Kely

Located in New Zealand.

Changyu Centenary Chronicle

1892 Changyu Pioneer Wine Company was established

1915 Changyu Koyac Brandy, Red Rose Wine, Vermouth and Riesling Dry White Wine won gold medals and the prime quality certificates at Panama-Pacific International Expo

1997 and 2000 Changyu’s B-share and A-share were successfully issued and Changyu was listed, making it the first publicly listed company in China’s winemaking industry.

2002 Changyu cooperated with Castel Freres of France to establish Yantai Chateau Changyu-Castel, the first specialized chateau in China.

2006 Changyu collaborated with Aurora Icewine Co., Ltd., Canada’s top ice wine exporter, to establish Chateau Changyu Golden Icewine Valley in Liaoning province

2007 Chateau Changyu AFIP Global was established in Beijing with the funds from China, America, Italy and Portugal.

2012 The ground-breaking ceremony was launched for Yantai Changyu International Wine City

2013 Chateau Changyu Baron Balboa in Xinjiang, Chateau Changyu Moser XV in Ningxia and Chateau Changyu Rena in Shaanxi started business.

2013 Changyu acquired Roullet-Fransac, the oldest bottled Cognac company in France Cognac area

2013 Changyu Pioneer International Chateau Alliance exclusive shop was established

2013 Changyu E-commerce platform "Jiuxianfeng" was officially unveiled online

2014 Changyu set up five business divisions for imported wines, including France Imported Wine Division, Spain Imported Wine Division, Italy Imported Wine Division, Australia Imported Wine Division and America Imported Wine Division

2015 The earliest Chinese dry red wine brand since 1931 - Changyu Noble Dragon reached a sales volume of 400 million bottles.

2015 Changyu acquired one of the most influential wine companies –Marques Del Atrio in Rioja, Spain.

2015 Changyu acquired Chateau Mirefleurs, Bordeaux, France.

2016 Changyu initiated the first “World Cabernet Gernischt Day” in Hong Kong.


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