Chamber of Deputies (Mexico)

Chamber of Deputies
Cámara de Diputados
LXIV Legislature
Founded September 28, 1821 (1821-09-28)
Seats 500
Political groups

Government (306)

  •      MORENA (189)
  •      PT (61)
  •      PES (56)

Opposition (194)

  •      PAN (83)
  •      PRI (45)
  •      MC (27)
  •      PRD (21)
  •      PVEM (16)
  •      PANAL (2)
Parallel voting
300 Seats elected by plurality voting
200 seats elected by largest remainder method
Last election
July 1, 2018 (2018-07-01)
Meeting place
Chamber of Deputies
San Lázaro Legislative Palace
Mexico City
Official Website of the Chamber of Deputies

The Chamber of Deputies (Spanish: Cámara de Diputados) is the lower house of the Congress of the Union, the bicameral legislature of Mexico. The other chamber is the Senate. The structure and responsibilities of both chambers of Congress are defined in Articles 50 to 70 of the current constitution.


The Chamber of Deputies is composed of one federal representative (in Spanish: diputado federal) for every 200,000 citizens. The Chamber has 500 members, elected using the parallel voting system.

Of these, 300 "majority deputies" are directly elected by plurality from single-member districts, the federal electoral districts. The remaining 200 "party deputies" are assigned through rules of proportional representation. These seats are not tied to districts; rather, they are allocated to parties based on each party's share of the national vote. The 200 party deputies are intended to counterbalance the sectional interests of the district-based representatives. Substitutes are elected at the same time as each deputy, so special elections are rare.

From 1917 to 2015, deputies were barred from serving consecutive terms in accordance with the Constitution's ban on immediate re-election to the legislature. Thus, the Chamber of Deputies was one of the few legislative bodies in the world that was completely renewed at an election. However, this will change at the 2018 elections; deputies are now permitted to run for re-election. Congressional elections held halfway into the president's six-year mandate are known as mid-term elections.

Last election


Party District Proportional Total
Votes % Seats Votes % Seats
National Regeneration Movement20,972,57337.2510584189+154
National Action Party10,096,58817.93424183–25
Institutional Revolutionary Party9,310,52316.5473845–158
Party of the Democratic Revolution2,967,9695.2791221–35
Ecologist Green Party2,695,4054.7951116–31
Citizens' Movement2,485,1984.41171027+1
Labor Party2,211,7533.9357461+55
New Alliance Party1,391,3762.47202–8
Social Encounter Party1,353,9412.4056056+48
Invalid/blank votes2,242,6153.98
Registered voters/turnout89,994,03963.2189,994,039
Source: INE


After being drafted, one copy of the Declaration of Independence of the Mexican Empire was given to the Provisional Governmental Board, which was later put on display in the Chamber of Deputies until 1909, when fire destroyed the location.[1]

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