Chaldean National Congress

Chaldean National Congress
Metwa Omthanaya d’Kaldaye
Leader Dhia Petros
Founded 2002
Ideology Promote Chaldean-Assyrian national identity
Political position Centre-right

Chaldean National Congress is an Iraqi political party that was found in 2002 in the United States with Dhia Putros being named the first secretary of the party. After 10 years, Putros quit his post in 2012 and accepted the position of chairman of Human Rights in Iraqi Kurdistan.

On August 31, 2017 on the website the US-based Chaldean National Congress strongly criticized an August 6 speech of the Chaldean Catholic Patriarch of Baghdad in which, according to an Agenzia Fides news description "Patriarch Louis Raphael had pointed out political parties and armed factions that claimed ties and tasks of representation with local Christian communities among the main perpetrators of the suffering and confusion that mark the present condition of Christian communities in Iraq". In response to the criticism the Patriarchate issued an official note critiquing what it called CNC's "unrealistic" issue positions on the political future of the Nineveh Plains, asserting that the CNC had not contributed substantively to securing the decimated and vulnerable Christian presence there and suggesting "that some use the Chaldean name for personal interests." [1].


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