Central District (Israel)

Center District
District of Israel
- transcription(s)
  Hebrew מְחוֹז הַמֶּרְכָּז
  Arabic المنطقة الوسطى
Cities 18
Local Councils 22
Regional Councils 12
Capital Ramla
  Total 1,293 km2 (499 sq mi)
Population (2016)[1]
  Total 2,115,800
ISO 3166 code IL-M

The Central District (Hebrew: מְחוֹז הַמֶּרְכָּז, Meḥoz haMerkaz; Arabic: المنطقة الوسطى) of Israel is one of six administrative districts, including most of the Sharon region. It is further divided into 4 sub-districts: Petah Tikva, Ramla, Sharon, and Rehovot. The district's largest city is Rishon LeZion. Its population as of 2014 was 2,115,800. According to the Israeli Central Bureau of Statistics, 88% of the population is Jewish, 8.2% is Arab, and 4% are not classified, and are mostly former Soviet Union immigrants of partially Jewish heritage or household members of Jews.[2]

Administrative sub-regions

Cities Local Councils Regional Councils

Former municipalities

Former municipalities
  • Kadima (merged with Tzoran; now Tzoran–Kadima)
  • Maccabim-Re'ut (merged with Modi'in; now Modi'in–Maccabim–Re'ut)
  • Modi'in (merged with Maccabim-Re'ut; now Modi'in–Maccabim–Re'ut)
  • Neve Monosson (merged with Yehud and declared an autonomous borough within Yehud–Monosson)
  • Tzoran (merged with Kadima; now Tzoran–Kadima)
  • Yehud (merged with Neve Monosson; now Yehud–Monosson)


El Al maintains its corporate headquarters on the grounds of Ben Gurion Airport and in the Central District.[4]

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