Central African Games

The Central African Games was an international multi-sport event for countries within Central Africa. It was held on three occasions: in 1976 in Libreville, Gabon, in 1981 in Luanda, Angola, and finally in 1987 in Brazzaville, People's Republic of the Congo.[1][2]

A "Central African Cup" competition had been organised in Brazzaville in 1972, featuring a number of sporting events, and this proved to be a precursor to the Central African Games, which was first held four years later. The first Games were designed as a buildup to the 1976 Summer Olympics,[3] but this proved to be the year's highlight for many of the athletes as many African countries boycotted the Olympics in protest of New Zealand's sporting links with Apartheid-era South Africa.[4]

Events at the final edition of the Games in 1987 acted as qualifiers for the 1987 All-Africa Games in some cases.[3]

List of Central African Games

Edition Year Host City Host Nation Start Date End Date Nations Competitors Sports Events Top Placed Team
I1976Libreville Gabon30 June10 July11?8?
II1981Luanda Angola20 August2 September??8?
III1987Brazzaville Congo18 April30 April11?5?



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