Cave of Mayrières supérieure

Cave of Mayrières supérieure
Grotte de Mayrière supérieure
Location in France
Cave of Mayrières supérieure (France)
Alternate name Upper Mayriere Cave
Location near Bruniquel
Region Occitanie, France
Coordinates 44°2′22″N 1°41′3″E / 44.03944°N 1.68417°E / 44.03944; 1.68417Coordinates: 44°2′22″N 1°41′3″E / 44.03944°N 1.68417°E / 44.03944; 1.68417

The Cave of Mayrières supérieure (French: Grotte de Mayrières supérieure, English: Upper Mayriere Cave) is an archaeological site near Bruniquel, Tarn-et-Garonne, France, which contained two prehistoric cave paintings of bison until they were erased during an attempt to remove modern graffiti by members of the Eclaireurs de France, a French scouting association.[1][2] The act earned them the 1992 Ig Nobel Prize in Archaeology.[3]


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