Castle Rock Entertainment

Castle Rock Entertainment
Industry Entertainment
Founded June 19, 1988 (1988-06-19)
Headquarters United States
Products Motion pictures
Services Film production

Castle Rock Entertainment is an American film and television production company founded in 1988[1] by Martin Shafer, director Rob Reiner, Andrew Scheinman, Glenn Padnick and Alan Horn. It is a subsidiary of Warner Bros.[2]


Reiner named the company in honor of the Maine town that serves as the setting of several stories by Stephen King (which was named after the fictitious Castle Rock in Lord of the Flies), after the success of his film Stand by Me, which was based on The Body, a novella by King.[3]

Reiner and Scheinman already had a production company. They were friends with Shafer, who worked with Horn at 20th Century Fox at the time. Horn was disappointed at Fox and agreed to join the trio at forming the company. Horn brought along Padnick, who was an executive at Embassy Television. In Castle Rock, Horn became the CEO, Shafer ran the film division, Padnick ran TV, and Reiner and Scheinman became involved in the development of productions.[3]

The company was originally backed by The Coca-Cola Company, then the parent company of Columbia Pictures. Coca-Cola and Castle Rock's founders jointly owned stakes in the company.[4] Months after the deal, Coca-Cola exited the entertainment business, and was succeeded by Columbia Pictures.

In 1989, Castle Rock was supported by another backer, Group W, a subsidiary of Westinghouse.[5] Castle Rock later struck a deal with Nelson Entertainment, the company that owned the domestic home video rights to Reiner's This Is Spinal Tap, The Sure Thing, and The Princess Bride, to co-finance Castle Rock's films.

Under the deal, Nelson also distributed the films on video in North American markets, and handled international theatrical distribution, while Columbia, which Nelson forged a distribution deal with, would receive domestic theatrical distribution rights. Some of Nelson's holdings were later acquired by New Line Cinema, which took over Nelson's duty. Columbia, shortly after the company's formation, thereafter had to re-invest with a substantial change in terms when accumulated losses exhausted its initial funding.

Reiner has stated that Castle Rock's purpose was to allow creative freedom to individuals; a safe haven away from the pressures of studio executives. Castle Rock was to make films of the highest quality, whether they made or lost money.[3]

Castle Rock has also produced several television shows, including the sitcom Seinfeld.

Turner purchase and Time Warner ownership

In August 1993, Turner Broadcasting System agreed to acquire Castle Rock, along with co-financing partner (and eventual Castle Rock corporate sibling) New Line Cinema. The sale was completed on December 22, 1993.[6][7] The motivation behind the purchase to allow a stronger company to handle the overhead.[3]

By 1994, Castle Rock launched a foreign sales operation, Castle Rock International, and planned to produce 12-15 films annually.[8] Castle Rock also had aspirations to distribute its own films once its deal with Columbia expired in 1998.[8][9]

Turner Broadcasting later merged with Time Warner in 1996. After a failed attempt to divest the company, Time Warner integrated Castle Rock Entertainment into Warner Bros., and cut its production slate to five films per year.[9] In January 1998, Warner and PolyGram Filmed Entertainment formed a deal to co-finance and co-distribute Castle Rock films; that deal was taken over by Universal Pictures after said studio's parent company Seagram merged with PolyGram later that year. The Warner/Universal deal expired in 2000.[10]

MGM owns the rights to the pre-1994 Castle Rock Entertainment films because of the acquisition of the pre-1996 PolyGram Filmed Entertainment library where Nelson Entertainment was in it.[11][12][13][14] Warner Bros., through Castle Rock, owns its post-1994 library and the TV rights to the pre-1994 library with the exception of Seinfeld, The Powers That Be, Thea and Boston Common.



Release Date Title Co-Producer Distributor
April 14, 1989Winter People Nelson Entertainment Columbia Pictures
July 21, 1989When Harry Met Sally...


Release Date Title Co-Producer Distributor
March 16, 1990Lord of the FliesNelson Entertainment Columbia Pictures
October 12, 1990Spirit of '76Commercial Pictures
October 26, 1990Sibling Rivalry Nelson Entertainment
November 30, 1990Misery
June 7, 1991City Slickers
September 20, 1991Late for DinnerGranite Pictures Columbia Pictures
New Line Cinema
April 24, 1992Year of the Comet
August 28, 1992Honeymoon in Vegas Starlight
September 23, 1992Mr. Saturday Night
December 11, 1992A Few Good MenColumbia Pictures
March 5, 1993Amos & AndrewNew Line Cinema
Columbia Pictures
July 9, 1993In the Line of FireColumbia Pictures
August 27, 1993Needful Things Columbia Pictures
New Line Cinema
October 1, 1993Malice
November 24, 1993Josh and S.A.M.
June 10, 1994City Slickers II: The Legend of Curly's Gold Columbia Pictures
June 29, 1994Little Big League
July 22, 1994NorthColumbia Pictures
New Line Cinema
July 29, 1994BarcelonaFine Line Features
September 23, 1994The Shawshank Redemption Columbia Pictures
January 27, 1995Before SunriseDetour Filmproduction
March 19, 1995For Better or Worse
March 24, 1995Dolores Claiborne
May 19, 1995Forget Paris
August 25, 1995Beyond Rangoon
September 22, 1995The Run of the Country
November 17, 1995The American PresidentColumbia Pictures
Universal Pictures
December 15, 1995Othello Columbia Pictures
December 22, 1995Dracula: Dead and Loving It
February 16, 1996A Midwinter's TaleSony Pictures Classics
City Hall Columbia Pictures
June 21, 1996Lone Star
June 28, 1996Striptease
August 14, 1996Alaska
August 23, 1996The Spitfire Grill Gregory Productions
September 27, 1996Extreme Measures
December 20, 1996Ghosts of Mississippi
December 25, 1996Hamlet
Some Mother's Son
January 31, 1997Waiting for Guffman Sony Pictures Classics
February 7, 1997subUrbiaco-production with Detour Filmproduction
February 14, 1997Absolute Power Columbia Pictures
January 30, 1998Zero Effect
February 20, 1998Palmetto
April 10, 1998My Giant
April 17, 1998Sour Grapes
May 29, 1998The Last Days of Discoco-production with PolyGram Filmed EntertainmentGramercy Pictures
August 20, 1999Mickey Blue EyesWarner Bros. Pictures
October 15, 1999The Story of UsUniversal Pictures
December 10, 1999The Green MileDarkwoods ProductionsWarner Bros. Pictures


Release Date Title Co-Producer Distribution
September 15, 2000Bait Warner Bros. Pictures
September 29, 2000Best in Show
October 13, 2000Lost SoulsNew Line Cinema
December 8, 2000Proof of LifeWarner Bros. Pictures
December 22, 2000Miss Congeniality Village Roadshow Pictures Warner Bros. Pictures
September 28, 2001Hearts in Atlantis
December 21, 2001The Majestic
April 19, 2002Murder by Numbers Warner Bros. Pictures
April 26, 2002The Salton Sea
August 16, 2002The Adventures of Pluto Nash Village Roadshow Pictures Warner Bros. Pictures
December 20, 2002Two Weeks Notice
January 17, 2003Kangaroo JackJerry Bruckheimer Films
March 21, 2003DreamcatcherVillage Roadshow Pictures
May 9, 2003A Mighty Wind
April 30, 2004EnvyBaltimore PicturesDreamWorks Pictures
Columbia Pictures
July 2, 2004Before SunsetDetour FilmproductionWarner Independent Pictures
November 10, 2004The Polar ExpressGolden Mean Productions, ImageMovers and PlaytoneWarner Bros. Pictures
November 16, 2004Kangaroo Jack: G'Day U.S.A.!Warner Bros. Family Entertainment
March 24, 2005Miss Congeniality 2: Armed and FabulousVillage Roadshow PicturesWarner Bros. Pictures
November 22, 2006For Your ConsiderationWarner Independent Pictures
February 14, 2007Music and LyricsVillage Roadshow PicturesWarner Bros. Pictures
April 20, 2007FractureNew Line Cinema
April 20, 2007In the Land of Women Warner Bros. Pictures
July 27, 2007No ReservationsVillage Roadshow Pictures
October 12, 2007Michael ClaytonSection Eight Productions and Mirage Enterprises
SleuthSony Pictures Classics
January 8, 2008The Bucket List Warner Bros. Pictures
April 11, 2008Chaos TheoryLone Star Film Group
December 18, 2009Did You Hear About the Morgans?Relativity MediaColumbia Pictures


Release Date Title Co-Producer Distribution Notes
August 6, 2010FlippedWarner Bros. Pictures
November 24, 2010FasterState Street PicturesCBS Films
TriStar Pictures
July 22, 2011Friends with BenefitsOlive Bridge EntertainmentScreen GemsStudio-credit only
July 6, 2012The Magic of Belle IsleRevelations EntertainmentMagnolia Pictures
May 24, 2013Before MidnightDetour Filmproduction and Venture ForthSony Pictures ClassicsStudio-credit only
July 11, 2014And So It GoesForesight UnlimitedClarius Entertainment
October 8, 2014The RewriteReserve RoomImage Entertainment
RLJ Entertainment
May 6, 2016Being CharlieJorva Entertainment Productions and Defiant PicturesPaladin
November 3, 2017LBJ[15]co-production with Acacia Entertainment, Savvy Media Holdings, & Star Thrower EntertainmentElectric Entertainment
Vertical Entertainment
July 13, 2018Shock and Aweco-production with Acacia Entertainment and Savvy Media HoldingsVertical Entertainment

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