Carl Zimmer

Carl Zimmer
Born 1966 (age 5152)
Occupation Popular science writer & blogger
Language English
Alma mater Yale University
Subjects Evolution, parasites
Spouse Grace[1]
Children Charlotte and Veronica[1]

Carl Zimmer (born 1966) is a popular science writer and blogger who has specialized in the topics of evolution and parasites. He has authored many books and contributes science essays to publications such as The New York Times, Discover, and National Geographic. He is a fellow at Yale University's Morse College.

Zimmer describes his journalistic beat as "life" or "what it means to be alive."[2] He is also the only science writer to have a species of tapeworm named after him (Acanthobothrium zimmeri).[3]


Besides his popular science writing, Zimmer also gives frequent lectures, and has appeared on many radio shows, including National Public Radio's Radiolab, Fresh Air and This American Life. He has won many awards, including the 2007 National Academies Communication Award, a prize for science communication[4] from the United States National Academy of Sciences, for his wide-ranging coverage of biology and evolution in newspapers, magazines and his blog. In 2009 and 2010 he was host of the periodic audio podcast Meet the Scientist [5] of the American Society for Microbiology (replacing Merry Buckley).

Zimmer received his B.A. in English from Yale University in 1987. In 1989, Zimmer started at Discover magazine, first as a copy editor and fact checker, eventually becoming a contributing editor.[6]




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