Canada–Lithuania relations

Canada-Lithuania relations



Canada–Lithuania relations are foreign relations between Canada and Lithuania.


The flow of trade between Canada and Lithuania is steadily rising.

In 2013, Canadian imports from Lithuania totaled $188.9 million and included mostly crude oil, minerals and wooden furniture. Canadian exports to Lithuania amounted to $88.9 million and included metals, agricultural machinery, food products and automotive parts.[1]

Canada's cumulative direct investment to Lithuania reached $500 million in 2012.[2]


Citizens of Lithuania do not need temporary resident visas to travel to Canada if they are holders of biometric passports, unless their passport was issued before August 28, 2006.


Both countries re-established diplomatic relations in 1991. Canada has an embassy office in Vilnius, the actual embassy is located in Riga (Latvia). Lithuania has an embassy in Ottawa and 2 honorary consulates in Montreal and Vancouver.

Both countries are full members of the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe and of NATO.

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