California Legacy Project

The California Legacy Project (CLP) began in 2000 as a project at Santa Clara University (SCU) in Santa Clara, CA and later partnered with Heyday Books in Berkeley, CA. The project uses a research team of SCU interns to create radio scripts for the radio anthology "Your California Legacy" on KAZU 90.3 FM, Pacific Grove. This anthology broadcasts nearly 500 literary segments ranging from Gold Rush narratives to Beat poetry. Project interns also develop reader guides to accompany books released by the California Legacy Series (CLS). These supplemental guides include timelines, discussion questions, and additional reading suggestions.

CLS, a component of CLP, focuses on the literature of California’s past, publishing reprints, new anthologies, and single-author readers. Notable authors in the series include Mary Austin, Ambrose Bierce, Toshio Mori, John Muir, and Wallace Stegner. In addition to publishing, CLP also organizes a variety of presentations, panel discussions, and public readings throughout the state, highlighting the culture, heritage, and history of California.


The general objective of The California Legacy Project is "to raise public awareness and appreciation for our state's cultural legacy and to encourage faculty and students in their creative and scholarly interest in Californian culture."

California Legacy Series

Jaime de Angulo

Mary Austin

  • Essential Mary Austin, Edited and with an Introduction by Kevin Hearle

Ambrose Bierce

  • Essential Bierce, Edited and with an Introduction by John R. Dunlap

Sally Carrighar

  • One Day on Beetle Rock; Foreword by David Rains Wallace; Illustrations by Carl Dennis Buell

Louise Amelia Knapp Smith Clappe

  • The Shirley Letters: From the California Mines, 1851-1852; Introduction by Marlene Smith-Baranzini

William Leon Dawson

  • Dawson's Avian Kingdom: Selected Writings by William Leon Dawson, Edited by Anna Neher

William Everson

  • Dark God of Eros: A William Everson Reader, Edited and with an Introduction by Albert Gelpi

Eliza Farnham

  • Unsettling the West: Eliza Farnham and Georgiana Bruce Kirby in Frontier California, Joann Levy; Foreword by Kevin Starr

Helen Hunt Jackson

  • A Separate Star: Selected Writings of Helen Hunt Jackson, Edited by Michelle Burnham

Georgiana Bruce Kirby

  • Unsettling the West: Eliza Farnham and Georgiana Bruce Kirby in Frontier California, Joann Levy; Foreword by Kevin Starr

Harriet Lane Levy

  • 920 O'Farrell Street: A Jewish Girlhood in Old San Francisco; Introduction by Charlene Akers

Jack London

  • Tales of the Fish Patrol; Introduction by Jerry George

William Lewis Manly

  • Death Valley in '49; Edited by LeRoy and Jean Johnson; Introduction by Patricia Nelson Limerick

Frank Marryat

  • Mountains and Molehills, or, Recollections of a Burnt Journal; Foreword by Robert Chandler; Annotations by Scott R. Grau

Carey McWilliams

  • Fool's Paradise: A Carey McWilliams Reader, Introduction by Gray Brechin; Preface by Wilson Carey McWilliams

Toshio Mori

  • Unfinished Message: Selected Works of Toshio Mori, Introduction by Lawson Fusao Inada

John Muir

  • Essential Muir, Edited by Fred White

Walter Nordhoff

  • The Journey of the Flame; Foreword by Rebecca Solnit

Josiah Royce

  • California: A Study of American Character; Introduction by Ronald A. Wells

William Saroyan

  • Essential Saroyan, Edited by William E. Justice

Charles Melville Scammon

  • Marine Mammals of the Northwestern Coast of North America; Foreword by Dick Russell

Upton Sinclair

  • The Land of Orange Groves and Jails: Upton Sinclair's California, Edited by Lauren Coodley

Lincoln Steffens

  • The Autobiography of Lincoln Steffens; Introduction by Thomas C. Leonard

Wallace Stegner

  • Wallace Stegner's West, Edited and with an Introduction by Page Stegner

George R. Stewart

  • Storm; Foreword by Ernest Callenbach

Bayard Taylor

  • Eldorado: Adventures in the Path of Empire; Foreword by James D. Houston; Afterword by Roger Kahn

Mark Twain

  • Mark Twain's San Francisco, Edited and with a new Introduction by Bernard Taper; Illustrations by Edward Jump

Judy Van der Veer

  • November Grass, Judy Van der Veer; Introduction by Ursula K. Le Guin

Harry Leon Wilson

  • Merton of the Movies; Introduction by David Fine

Additional works:

  • Lands of Promise and Despair: Chronicles of Early California, 1535-1846, Edited by Rose Marie Beebe and Robert M. Senkewicz
  • Califauna: A Literary Field Guide, Edited by Terry Beers and Emily Elrod
  • Gunfight at Mussel Slough: Evolution of a Western Myth, Edited by Terry Beers
  • Unfolding Beauty, Edited by Terry Beers
  • Spring Salmon, Hurry to Me: The Seasons of Native California, Edited by Margaret Dubin and Kim Hogeland
  • California Poetry: From the Gold Rush to the Present, Edited by Dana Gioia, Chryss Yost, and Jack Hicks
  • The Anza Trail and the Settling of California, Vladimir Guerrero
  • Under the Fifth Sun: Latino Literature from California, Edited by Rick Heide; Foreword by Juan Velasco
  • Inlandia: A Literary Journey through California's Inland Empire, Edited by Gayle Wattawa; Introduction by Susan Straight
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