Cable Video Store

Cable Video Store
Type Cable Pay-per-view television service
Availability United States, national, now defunct. Existed 1985-1997.
Owner General Instrument (Original)
Graff Pay-Per-View (2nd)

Cable Video Store (CVS), is a defunct pay-per-view (PPV) service that was launched in 1985 by General Instrument.[1] It was later owned by Graff Pay-Per-View.[2] Cable Video Store consisted of one channel which carried first run movies and specials (however, it did not carry major sporting events, such as boxing or wrestling) on a PPV basis. They also offered low cost programs to buy along with the standard PPV fare.

CVS went off the air in 1997 as the result of other pay-per-view services such as Viewer's Choice (now known as In Demand) and Request TV that provided multi-channels of PPV and the launching of Video on Demand on many cable systems.[3]

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