Burdine Hall

Burdine Hall
The building's exterior in 2018
General information
Location University of Texas at Austin
Address 2505 University Avenue
Town or city Austin, Texas
Country United States
Coordinates 30°17′20″N 97°44′18″W / 30.28885°N 97.73835°W / 30.28885; -97.73835Coordinates: 30°17′20″N 97°44′18″W / 30.28885°N 97.73835°W / 30.28885; -97.73835
Completed 1970
Inaugurated December 14, 1970[1]

Burdine Hall is a building on the University of Texas at Austin campus, in the U.S. state of Texas. The classroom and office building is named after J. Alton Burdine, a former dean of the University of Texas College of Arts and Sciences, and has previously been referred to as the North Campus Classroom-Office. The hall reportedly cost $2.1 million and has housed the departments of anthropology, government, and sociology, as well as student financial aid offices.[2] There is a local urban legend that the layout of the building's windows was intended to resemble a computer punched card.[3]


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