Bulgaria–Serbia relations

Bulgarian-Serbian relations



Bulgarian-Serbian relations are foreign relations between Bulgaria and Serbia. They established diplomatic relations on 18 January 1879 as the Principality of Serbia (independent) and Principality of Bulgaria (vassal of the Ottoman Empire which exercised de facto independence). Bulgaria has an embassy in Belgrade. Serbia has an embassy in Sofia.

Both countries are full members of the Southeast European Cooperation Process, of the Stability Pact for South Eastern Europe, of the Central European Initiative, of the Southeast European Cooperative Initiative and of the Organization of the Black Sea Economic Cooperation. The countries share 318 km of common borderline.

The relationship between Serbia and Bulgaria is divided between cooperation and conflicts. Bulgaria recognized Kosovo as an independent country in 2008, which temporarily strained relations between two nations.

Country comparison

Bulgaria Serbia
Population 7,101,859 7,040,272 (excluding Kosovo)
Area 110,993.6 km² (42,823 sq mi) 88,361 km² (34,116 sq mi ) (including Kosovo)
77,474 km2 (29,913 sq mi) (excluding Kosovo)
Population Density 64.9 /km² (185 /sq mi) 91,1/km2 (238/sq mi)
Capital Sofia Belgrade
Largest City Sofia - 1,238,438 (1,681,592 Metro) Belgrade - 1,233,796 (1,683,962 Metro)
Government Parliamentary republic Parliamentary republic
Official languages Bulgarian Serbian
Main religions 59.5% Eastern Orthodoxy, 21.8% Not declared, 9.3% No religion, 7.9% Islam,
0.9% Protestantism 0.7% Catholicism
84.59% Eastern Orthodoxy, 4.97% Catholicism, 3.10% Islam,
0.99% Protestantism, 1.11% No religion, 5.24% others (excluding Kosovo)
Ethnic groups 76.9% Bulgarians, 9-11% Roma, 8% Turkish and 0.7%
other groups
83.3% Serbs, 3.5% Hungarians, 2.1% Roma, 2% Bosniaks,
9% other groups (excluding Kosovo)
GDP (nominal) $55.954 billion ($7,924 per capita) $42.378 billion ($6,052 per capita) (excluding Kosovo)

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