Bristol Pirates

Bristol Pirates
Founded in 1969
Bristol, Virginia
Team logoCap insignia
Current Rookie
Minor league affiliations
League Appalachian League
Division West
Major league affiliations
Current Pittsburgh Pirates (2014–present)
Previous Chicago White Sox (1995-2013)
Detroit Tigers (1969-1994)
Minor league titles
League titles (6)
  • 1972
  • 1974
  • 1977
  • 1985
  • 1998
  • 2002
Division titles (3)
  • 1985
  • 1998
  • 2002
Team data
Nickname Bristol Pirates (2014–present)
Previous names
Bristol White Sox (1995-2013)
Bristol Tigers (1969-1994)
Bristol Scooter Doggies (alternate name)
Ballpark Boyce Cox Field at DeVault Memorial Stadium
Pittsburgh Pirates
Bristol Baseball, Incorporated
Manager Kory DeHaan
General Manager Mahlon Luttrell

The Bristol Pirates are a Minor League Baseball team in Bristol, Virginia, USA. They are a Rookie-level team in the Appalachian League. As of October 16, 2013, they are owned by the Pittsburgh Pirates.[1]

The team plays home games at DeVault Memorial Stadium. Opened in 1969, Devault Memorial Stadium seats 2,000 fans. The team was previously affiliated with the Detroit Tigers, and a previous manager was retired Tigers manager Jim Leyland. They were a farm team of the Chicago White Sox from 1995 to 2013 as the Bristol White Sox.

The team is operated by a non-profit organization, Bristol Baseball, Incorporated (BBI). BBI has no full-time paid staff, instead relying on a volunteer board and general manager to keep and promote professional baseball in Bristol.


Bristol Pirates roster
Players Coaches/Other


  • 10 Shane Baz
  • 55 Vince Deyzel
  • 48 Luis Diaz
  • -- Miguel Ferreras §
  • 18 Oliver Garcia
  • 43 Joe Jacques
  • 27 Steven Jennings
  • 38 Will Kobos
  • 35 Yeudry Manzanillo
  • -- Jose Marcano
  • 29 Allen Montgomery
  • 36 Luis Nova
  • 50 John O'Reilly
  • 26 Lenadro Pina
  • 19 Denny Roman
  • 34 Roger Santana
  • 49 Colin Selby
  • 45 Austin Shields
  • 15 Jacob Webb


  • 24 Manny Bejerano
  • 52 Gabriel Brito
  • 22 Zac Susi


  • 47 Sherten Apostel
  •  7 Mikell Granberry
  •  2 Chase Lambert
  • 12 Dean Lockery
  •  3 Mason Martin
  • 54 Francisco Mepris
  •  5 Victor Ngoepe


  • 17 Brendt Citta
  • 23 Yondry Contreras
  • 14 Jonah Davis
  • 13 Christian Navarro
  • 16 Jeremias Portorreal
  • 25 Conner Uselton
  • 31 Eddy Vizcaino



  • -- Austin McClune (hitting)
  • -- Joseph Seaver (pitching)

7-day disabled list
* On Pittsburgh Pirates 40-man roster
# Rehab assignment
∞ Reserve list
‡ Restricted list
§ Suspended list
† Temporary inactive list
Roster updated August 8, 2018
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Pittsburgh Pirates minor league players

Season-by-season record

Bristol Tigers (Appalachian League)
RecordWin %Finish*ManagerPlayoffs
196934-34.5003rd SouthBill Lajoienone
197026-31.4645th ALAl Lakemannone
197131-35.4703rd SouthJim Leylandnone
197240-28.5881st ALJoe LewisLeague Champs
No playoffs
197324-45.3487th ALJoe Lewisnone
197452-17.7541st NorthJoe LewisLeague Champs
No playoffs
197537-31.5443rd SouthJoe Lewisnone
197635-32.5222nd SouthJoe Lewisnone
197743-26.6142nd ALJoe LewisLeague Champs
No playoffs
197835-34.5073rd ALJoe Lewisnone
197919-50.2756th ALJoe Lewisnone
198036-33.5222nd ALTom Kotchmannone
198129-41.4145th ALJoe Lewisnone
198228-36.4383rd SouthBoots Daynone
198334-38.4723rd ALBoots Daynone
198437-33.5292nd SouthHal Dyernone
198544-25.6381st ALTom BurgessLeague Champs
No playoffs
198635-34.5073rd SouthTom Gamboa
198720-49.2904th SouthRick Magnante
198846-27.6302nd SouthRick MagnanteLost 1 game playoff
198928-39.4185th SouthRubén Amaro, Sr.
199022-46.32410th ALKen Cunningham
199122-44.3335th SouthJuan Lopez
199233-35.4853rd SouthMark Wagner
199328-39.4184th SouthRuben Amaro, Sr.
199427-36.4294th SouthKevin Bradshaw
Bristol White Sox (Appalachian League)
199528-39.4184th SouthChris Cron
199617-51.4504th SouthNick Capra
199730-38.4414th WestNick Capra
199842-24.6361st WestNick CapraLeague Champs
199945-24.6522nd WestGary Pellant
200034-33.5074th SouthR.J. Reynolds
200138-26.5942nd SouthJohn Orton
200243-25.6321st SouthNick LeyvaLeague Champs
200333-33.5006th ALJerry Hairston, Sr.
200427-38.4155th WestJerry Hairston, Sr.
200530-36.4552nd WestJerry Hairston, Sr.
200622-42.3445th WestNick Leyva
200725-43.3684th WestBobby Thigpen
200834-30.5313rd WestBobby Thigpen
200927-39.4094th WestRyan Newman
201032-36.4713rd WestRyan Newman
201124-44.3535th WestPete Rose Jr.
201219-46.2925th WestPete Rose Jr.
201320-45.3085th WestMike Gellinger
Bristol Pirates (Appalachian League)
201422-46.3245th WestEdgar Varela
201529-36.4464th WestEdgar Varela
201625-43.3685th WestKory DeHaan
201717-49.2585th WestMiguel Perez


  • 2002: Defeated Bluefield 2-1 to win championship.
  • 1998: Defeated Princeton 2-0 to win championship.

Notable alumni

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  • Current and former players (1995–present)
  • Former players (1969-1994)


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