Brazil–Taiwan relations

Taiwan-Brazil relations


Diplomatic Mission
Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in Brazil Commercial Office of Brazil to Taipei

The Republic of China (Taiwan) and the Federative Republic of Brazil do not have official diplomatic relations, as Brazil recognises the People's Republic of China as having jurisdiction over Taiwan. However, the two nations maintain unofficial diplomatic relations via economic and cultural offices.


Brazil was the first country to recognize the Republic of China (ROC) on its founding in 1912.[1] In 1971, Brazil voted against United Nations General Assembly Resolution 2758 which replaced the ROC with the PRC at the United Nations, but from August 15, 1974, Brazil recognized the People's Republic of China (PRC) and suspended diplomatic relation with Republic of China (Taiwan).[2] After diplomatic relations between Taiwan and Brazil were suspended, both diplomatic missions were replaced by representative offices.


The Republic of China Government established the Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in Brazil (Chinese: 駐巴西臺北經濟文化代表處) at Brasília,[3] and two other offices in São Paulo[4] and Rio de Janeiro. The office in Rio de Janeiro was closed in 2002.[5]

The Government of Brazil similarly established the Commercial Office of Brazil to Taipei (Portuguese: Escritório Comercial do Brasil em Taipé, Chinese: 巴西商務辦事處) in the capital of Taiwan.[6]

Taiwanese immigration to Brazil

Significant immigration of Taiwanese to Brazil started in 1960s. Most Taiwanese Brazilian were farmers from Kaohsiung.[1]

Many Taiwanese Brazilian now live in São Paulo , Rio Grande do Sul, Paraná and Rio de Janeiro. In the northern Brazil, the fifth-large city Recife is another main settlement of Taiwanese Brazilian, mostly from Meinong, Kaohsiung.[1] In the suburbs of São Paulo, over hundred Taiwanese Brazilian established mushroom farms which supply all of Brazil.[7]

Economic relations

Taiwan is one of Brazil's most important trade partners in Asia. The main export products from Brazil to Taiwan are ore, soybean, corn, woods, steel, cotton, leather and granite. Brazil is the eighteenth trade partner for Taiwan. The main products which Taiwan exports to Brazil are electrical equipment, record equipment, LCD, steel products and plastic products.[8]

Many Taiwanese electronic companies have established factories in Brazil. AS Foxconn, Asus, MSI, Compal, Gigabyte, Acer, AOC, D-Link and so on.[8]


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