Bosniak Party

Bosniak Party
Bošnjačka stranka
Бошњачка странка
Abbreviation BS
Leader Rafet Husović[1]
Founded 26 February 2006[2]
Headquarters Rožaje
Ideology Bosniak minority interests[3]
Social conservatism
Political position Centre-right
Colours Blue, Green
2 / 81
Local Parliaments
35 / 786

The Bosniak Party (Bosnian: Bošnjačka stranka, Montenegrin Cyrillic: Бошњачка странка) is a Bosniak minority[3] political party in Montenegro.


This party was founded in 2006 by Rafet Husović and was officially registered with the Ministry of Justice on 24 March 2006. It was formed by unification of the Slavic Muslim oriented parties in Montenegro: International Democratic Union, Bosniak Democratic Alternative, Muslim-Bosniak Alliance and Party of National Equality, in February the same year.[4]

At the last legislative elections in Montenegro, in March 2009, Bosniak party was a part of victorious Coalition for a European Montenegro, alongside DPS, SDP and HGI. Thus, this party holds two seats in the Parliament of Montenegro, and has a Deputy Prime Minister and two Ministers in the Government of Montenegro.

Parliamentary elections

Parliament of Montenegro
Year Popular vote % of popular vote Overall seats won Seat change Coalition Government
2006 12,748 3.76%
1 / 81
1 LP-BS government support
2009 168,290 51.9%
3 / 81
2 ECG government
2012 15,124 4.17%
3 / 81
2016 12,089 3.16%
2 / 81
1 government


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