BlogBridge viewing a feed
Stable release
6.7 / October 7, 2009 (2009-10-07)
Operating system Windows, Mac OS X, Linux
Type feed aggregator
License GPL

BlogBridge is an open source Java-based feed aggregator. It is aimed at users who subscribe to many feeds, including journalists, PR professionals and OPML enthusiasts.[1]

Its development team is led by Pito Salas. The software contains a feature called a SmartFeed, which returns articles from other feeds containing user-defined keywords.[2] BlogBridge web site also offers "Expert Guides", which are downloadable guides centred on a particular subject, normally created by an expert in that subject.

BlogBridge service

BlogBridge also gives users the option to create an account with a free BlogBridge service, which lets users upload a list of their feeds to their account so that they can synchronize their feeds across multiple computers.[3] The service can also be used to back up feeds in the event of data loss. From version 6.0, BlogBridge features a built-in memo tracker and detailed statistics, along with performance improvements and fixes.

BlogBridge seems to be no longer maintained or further developed since 2013.

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