Bihar Cricket Association

Bihar Cricket Association
Sport Cricket
Jurisdiction Bihar
Abbreviation BCA
Founded 1936 (1936)
Affiliation Board of Control for Cricket in India
Affiliation date 2016
Regional affiliation East Zone
Affiliation date 1936

Bindhyawashini Commercial Complex,
R.K. Bhattacharya Road,

Location Patna
President Dr.Subir Chandra mishra.
Secretary Ravi Shankar Prasad Singh
Coach Subroto Banerjee
Other key staff 17
Official website

Bihar Cricket Association is a body of the cricket activities in the Bihar state of India and the Bihar cricket team.[1][2][3] It is affiliated to the Board of Control for Cricket in India as full member[4]. BCA was founded in 1935.[5] Supreme Court of India-appointed Committee of Administrators (CoA) approved BCA as the authorized body for organizing cricket in Bihar.[6]

Cricket Grounds

NameCityStateFirst usedLast usedNotes
Nehru Smarak StadiumBhagalpurBihar19721973
Sandy's Compound EnclosureBhagalpurBihar19811981
Dr. Nagendra Jha StadiumDarbhangaBihar19861998
Gandhi MaidanPatnaBihar19581959
Moin-ul-Haq StadiumPatnaBihar19701998Hosted three ODIs

Official Tournaments

BCA Approved Tournament

  • All India Sunaina Verma Cricket Tournament
  • Ramphal Ramaawatar Memorial Cricket
  • First Devdhar giri memorial cricket tournament
  • 6th Mirchi Premier League T20 Cricket Tournament

List of District Cricket Associations

Portrait Term of office

Courts' directives on affiliation

Cricket should be kept free from politics and the game should not become a ball for politicians, the Supreme Court of India observed on 25 November 2012. The remarks were made by the bench during the hearing of a petition relating to the ongoing dispute between two rival associations of cricket in Bihar for running the administration of the sport in the state.[7] Patna High Court has directed Board of Cricket Control in India, BCCI in July 2012 to include Bihar in various National Level Cricket Tournaments.[8] Patna High Court on 20 September 2011 allowed CAB, rival Bihar Cricket Association (BCA) faction headed by Binod Kumar to operate its account with a nationalised bank.[9] Patna High court in November 2011,directed the state government to file an intervener petition in a case related to the Bihar Cricket Association.The government's counsel, AAG 1 Lalit Kishore, told the court that both the factions of BCA, one headed by RJD supremo Lalu Prasad and the other by Binod Kumar, have not made government a party in the petition.[10] Bombay High Court in December 2010 held that "the present petitioner (CAB) never claimed to be successor of BCA Patna (which represented Bihar in BCCI before bifurcation) and BCA Patna has already given up its challenge to the recommendations of the committee that JSCA is the changed name of BCA (1935). It is, therefore, necessary for the petitioner to apply for an affiliate membership at the first instance and then seek promotion as an associate member and thereafter full member. The Rules and Regulations are binding and the BCCI must follow the said Rules"[11]

BCA timeline

  • 18 March 2001: SGM of BCA, 1935 held at Jamshedpur after the bifurcation of Bihar on 15 Nov 2000; Jharkhand State Cricket Association for Jharkhand and Bihar Cricket Association for Bihar formed;
  • 20 May 2001: Lalu Prasad Yadav elected BCA president;
  • 29 September 2001: BCCI led by A. C. Muthiah grants Full membership to BCA;
  • 30 September 2001: Jagmohan Dalmiya elected BCCI president, disaffiliates BCA led by Lalu Prasad Yadav, grants Full membership to Jharkhand State Cricket Association.
  • 27 September 2008: BCCI, in its AGM, grants associate membership to BCA, Patna;
  • October 2009: BCCI grants Rs. 50 lakh to BCA for infrastructure development and cricketing activities; no funding in November 2010 and December 2011 due to alleged financial bungling and litigation
  • 3 April 2010: BCA elections, scheduled to be held on 4 April, postponed by the electoral officer and retired Patna High Court judge after complaints about voters' list and issuance of notice
  • 30 June 2010: Managing Committee dissolved and a 13-member adhoc committee formed; decided to hold elections within six months
  • 21 August 2010: BCA secretary Ajay Narayan Sharma suspended from ad hoc committee
  • 12 September 2010: Ajay Narayan Sharma faction claims to have held SGM and AGM and constituted a Managing Committee at the instance of 1/3rd of the members, supersedes ad hoc committee
  • 20 September 2011: Single judge of Patna HC holds legal the AGM of Sept 12, 2010; LPA (1713/2011) filed in division bench of Patna HC challenging the legality of the single judge decision
  • 2 February 2012: Diverse opinion; matter referred to Full Bench of Patna High Court
  • 10 July 2013: Patna High Court allows Sharma to operate BCA account
  • 29 November 2013: Special Leave Petition filed in SC, notices sent 44 respondents. SC appointed Retd. High Court Judge to hold election.
  • Election held on 23rd Sept. 2015 in which both faction of BCA participated.
  • September 2015: Abdul Bari Siddiqui was elected BCA president
  • July 18, 2016: Became full member of BCCI as Supreme Court approved recommendations of the RM Lodha Committee
  • January 4, 2018: Supreme Court directed BCCI to allow Bihar Cricket Association to participate in Ranji Trophy & other BCCI Tournament as Bihar cricket team from 2018.

The Association of Bihar Cricket and Cricket Association of Bihar on 11 July 2012 charged the Lalu Prasad Yadav-led Bihar Cricket Association of committing financial irregularities to the tune of 5 million, which the BCCI had granted for development of the game in the state in 2008.[12][13] The Bihar government had dissolved the BCA on grounds of irregularities in December 2008.[14][15][16]

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