Earth and Land
Sculpture of Bhūmi
Other names Prithvi, Varahi
Affiliation Devi, Pancha Bhoota
Abode Vishnuloka/Vaikuntha, Dyuloka
Planet Earth
Mantra Om Bhumyai namah
Mount Cow, Elephant
Consort Vishnu, Dyaus
Offspring Mangala, Sita

Bhūmi or Bhūmī-Devī is the Hindu goddess representing Mother Earth. She is the consort of the boar god Varaha, an avatar of Vishnu.[1] Bhumi is the daughter of Prajapati.

She is known by various names such as Bhuma-Devi, Bhuvati, Bhuvaani, Bhuvaneshwari, Bhuvanendri, Bhuvisha, Avaani, Avni, Avanendri, Prithvi, Dharti, Dhaatri, Dharani, Vasudha, Vasundhara, Vaishnavi, Varahi, Kashyapi, Urvi, Urvisha, Urvishi/Urvishwari, Urvivati, Ira, Iravati, Iravaani, Ela, Elavati, Elavaani,Varahi, Vasumati, Dhanshika, Hema, Hemavati, Hemaalaya, Hemamaalini, and Hiranmaya. She is worshipped in patala and is depicted as seated on a platform which rests on the back of four elephants, representing the four directions of the world. She is usually depicted with four arms, holding a pomegranate, a water vessel, a bowl containing healing herbs and another containing vegetables.[2] She is also sometimes depicted with two hands, one holding a blue lotus known as Kumuda or Utpala, the night lotus, and in the right hand and the left hand may be in the Abhaya Mudra, fearlessness or the Lolahasta Mudra which is an aesthetic pose meant to mimic the tail of a horse.[3][4]


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