Beverly Hills Brats

Beverly Hills Brats
Beverly Hills Brats DVD cover
Directed by Jim Sotos
Produced by Terry Moore
Jerry Rivers
Written by Terry Moore
Jerry Rivers
Linda Silverthorn
Starring Peter Billingsley
Martin Sheen
Burt Young
Terry Moore
Fernando Allende
George Kirby
Cathy Podewell
Ramon Estevez
Music by Barry Goldberg
Cinematography Harry Mathias
Edited by Jerry P. Frizell
Distributed by Taurus Entertainment Company
Release date
Running time
90 minutes
Country United States
Language English

Beverly Hills Brats is a 1989 American comedy film. Directed by Jim Sotos, the film starred Peter Billingsley, Martin Sheen, Burt Young, Terry Moore, George Kirby, Ruby Keeler (in her final film) and Whoopi Goldberg in a cameo role.


Scooter (Billingsley) is a teen from a wealthy Beverly Hills family. After his plastic surgeon father (Sheen) remarries, Scooter is virtually ignored by his father and stepmother (Moore), and treated badly by his two other spoiled siblings, Sterling (Ramon Estevez) and Tiffany (Cathy Podewell). Scooter devises a plan to fake his own kidnapping to get his parents' attention and enlists the help of two bumbling crooks, Clive (Young) and Elmo (Kirby). After Scooter is "kidnapped" and a ransom is demanded, he quickly realizes that his plan failed to work and his parents don't miss him.



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