Bettina Soriat

Bettina Soriat
Born (1967-03-16) March 16, 1967
Occupation(s) Singer
Associated acts Three Girl Madhouse

Bettina Soriat (born 16 March 1967, Linz) is an Austrian singer.

Bettina Soriat is a singer, dancer, actress, comedian, and choreographer. Her first success came with the girlgroup "Three Girl Madhouse" and their single-hit "Always gonna be around you" was released in 1990.


Bettina has appeared in musicals in Vienna, including:

As a long-time member of the Kim-Duddy-TV-Ballet, Bettina also appeared in shows like:

  • "Willkommen im Club" (1991) (Welcome in the Club)
  • "Nix is fix" (1993/94)
  • "Die Peter Alexander Show" (1995).

In 1997 she was Austria's Song Contest-representative with the song "One Step". The song wasn't a great success, placing 21st in a field of 25. Despite having an English title, the song is primarily in German.

In the previous year she sang back-up vocals for Austria's George Nussbaumer at the same contest. She was married to Michael Niavarani and is a member of the Simpl Revue since 1999. They currently have one child together.


    Preceded by
    George Nussbaumer
    Austria in the Eurovision Song Contest
    Succeeded by
    Bobbie Singer

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