Bethune College

Bethune College
Bethune College: photograph published in 1949
Motto Viddaya Vindatey Amritam
Type Women's college
Established 1849
Principal Professor Mamata Ray
Location Kolkata, India
Affiliations University of Calcutta

Bethune College is a women's college located in Kolkata, India, and affiliated to the University of Calcutta. It was established as a girls' school in 1849, and as a college in 1879. It is the oldest women's college in Asia.[1]


The college was founded as a secular Native Female School (for the secular education of girls) in 1849 by John Elliot Drinkwater Bethune. The government took it over in 1856, renaming it Bethune School after its founder in 1862–63.[2] In 1879 it was developed into Bethune College, the first women's college in India.

Notable alumnae

Student from VSN


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Coordinates: 22°35′18″N 88°22′04″E / 22.5882°N 88.3679°E / 22.5882; 88.3679

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