Bernardinuscollege is a comprehensive school in Heerlen, the Netherlands. The school was founded by Franciscan monks in 1911 as ‘Sint-Bernardinus, R.K. Hoogere Burgerschool met 3-jarige cursus’ (‘Saint Bernardinus, R.C. Higher Citizenschool with 3-year course’), because of the need for education in the wake of the blooming mining industry. In September 1913 the first students arrived.

Sint-Bernardinus was expanded with a midlevel-business school and in 1919 the 3-year HBS (Higher Citizen School) course was changed to a 5-year one. In 1930 the school was further expanded with a Gymnasium.

In 1970 the 'Sint' was dropped from the school name, giving it its current name: Bernardinuscollege.[1]

Bernardinuscollege is part of SVOPL together with Charlemagne College, Herlecollege, Praktijkonderwijs Parkstad Limburg, and Sintermeertencollege.[2]


  • Bernardinuscollege was one of the first schools in the Netherlands to let the students use iPads to make learning easier and lessons interactive.[3]
  • In 2013, Bernardinuscollege celebrated its 100 years anniversary. To celebrate, a documentary and book were created, and the school set up an online Hall of Fame, where all the old students can add their portfolio.[4][5]
  • In 2013, Bernardinuscollege launched the Technasium, a more technical oriented study, which adds the subject O&O ('Onderzoek en oriëntatie' - Research and orientation) to the profiles of Atheneum and Gymnasium students.[6]
  • In early 2014, Bernardinuscollege was certified as a Vecon Businessschool, which allows them to get an extra certificate when they finish their Economy exams.

Notable students

  • Jan Hanlo (1912–1969), poet and author
  • Jo Ritzen (b. 1945), Minister of Education
  • Frans Timmermans (b. 1961), Minister of Foreign Affairs, First Vice-President of the European Commission


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