Battle of Stainmore

Coordinates: 54°31′26″N 2°13′34″W / 54.524°N 2.226°W / 54.524; -2.226

Battle of Stainmore
Part of the Viking invasions of England
LocationStainmore, Westmorland, England
Result Victory for Osulf
Commanders and leaders
Osulf I of Bamburgh Eric Bloodaxe
Unknown Unknown
Casualties and losses
Unknown Unknown

The Battle of Stainmore was a battle, probably between the Earldom of Bernicia, led by Osulf, and the forces of the last Norse king of Jórvík (York), Eric Bloodaxe. According to Frank Stenton, the battle resulted in Eric being slain by Maccus, the son of Olaf, the dissolution of the Kingdom of Jórvík under King Edred of England and the integration of its territories into those of Bamburgh as the Earldom of Northumbria.[1]


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