Battle of Ljubić

Battle of Ljubić
Part of Second Serbian uprising
Date8 May 1815
LocationLjubić, Serbia
Result Serbian victory
Serbian revolutionaries Ottoman Empire
Commanders and leaders
Lazar Mutap-Čačanin
Miloš Obrenović
Jovan Dimitrijević Dobrača
1,500 men 5,000 men
Casualties and losses
Light Heavy

The Battle of Ljubić (Serbian: Битка на Љубићу, Бој на Љубићу) was a pitched battle between the Serbian revolutionary forces under Miloš Obrenović and the Ottoman troops commanded by Caja-paša, on the Ljubić hill near Čačak. It was the largest and most significant armed engagement of the Second Serbian Uprising

After the liberation of Rudnik, Serbian revolutionaries commanded by Lazar Mutap-Čačanin began attacking Ottoman positions near Čačak. On 6 May, the Ottomans responded to the Serbian incursions by sending a force of 5,000 cavalry under Caja-paša to attack the rebels from the rear. The rebels quickly retreated to the Ljubić hill, where they regrouped and were reinforced with detachments commanded by Miloš Obrenović and Jovan Dimitrijević Dobrača. Their total forces amounted to 1,300 infantry and 200 cavalry. Using the terrain to his advantage, Obrenović positioned his forces in various parts of the battlefield. On 8 May, the Ottoman attack on Serbian positions was promptly repulsed, with heavy Ottoman casualties. After their defeat at Ljubić, the Ottomans began retreating towards Čačak but were aggressively pursued by Serbian forces until the banks of West Morava.



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