Battle of Burs

Battle of Burs
Part of the Muslim conquest of Sassanid empire
Date636 AD
32°23′36″N 44°20′42″E / 32.3934°N 44.3449°E / 32.3934; 44.3449Coordinates: 32°23′36″N 44°20′42″E / 32.3934°N 44.3449°E / 32.3934; 44.3449
Result Rashidun victory
Sassanid garrison overcome
Sassanid Empire Rashidun Caliphate
Commanders and leaders
Busbuhra  (WIA) (later died due to mortal wound) Zuhra bin al-Ḥawiyya

The Battle of Burs was a minor engagement in 636 AD at Burs or Birs Nimrud, now in central Iraq, during the Muslim conquest of the Sassanid empire. The Rāshidūn commander, Zuhra ibn al-Ḥawiyya, defeated Busbuhra, the Sassanid commander of the town, in single combat, and the garrison offered little further resistance.[1]:160

After his victory at the Battle of al-Qādisiyyah in the summer of 636 AD, Saʿd ibn Abī Waqqās divided his army into five forces for the advance on Ctesiphon; they were commanded by Zuhra ibn al-Ḥawiyya, ʿAbdullah ibn al-Mutʼim, Shurḥabīl ibn as-Simt, Khālid ibn ʿUrfatah and Hāshim bin ʿUtba. The force under Zuhra met with some resistance at Burs, but this was soon overcome after he defeated Busbuhra, the garrison commander, in single combat.[1]:160[2]:345


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