Battle of Attock (1758)

Battle of Attock
Date28 April 1758
LocationAttock (in modern-day Pakistan)
Result Decisive Maratha victory
Attock captured by Marathas.
Maratha Empire
Durrani Empire
Commanders and leaders
Mahadji Shinde
Karim Shah
Wazirullah Khan

The Battle of Attock took place on 28 April 1758 between Maratha Empire and the Durrani Empire. The Marathas, under Raghunathrao (Raghoba), delivered a decisive victory and Attock was captured. The battle is seen as a great success for Marathas who hoisted Maratha flag in Attock. Raghunathrao left Punjab after three months appointing Maratha Sardar Narsoji Pandit with 4000 Maratha troops to guard the fort from Afghans.[1]


After capturing Attock, Raghunathrao sent a letter to [Nanasaheb Peshwa] on 4 May 1758 :[2][3]

On 8 May 1758, the Marathas defeated Durrani forces in the Battle of Peshawar and captured the city of Peshawar. Marathas had now reached the Afghanistan border. Ahmad Shah Durrani got alarmed with this success of Marathas and started planning to recapture his lost territories and succeeded to drive back Marathas from Peshawar in early 1759.


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