Banana cue

Banana cue

Top: Banana cue, usually served on bamboo skewers;
Bottom: Banana cue being cooked
Alternative names Banana Q
Region or state Philippines
Main ingredients saba banana, brown sugar, cooking oil
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A Banana cue or Banana Q (Tagalog: Banana kyu) is a popular snack food or street food in the Philippines.


Banana cue is made with deep fried bananas coated in caramelized brown sugar. The bananas used for this recipe are Saba bananas, which are very commonly used for cooking in the Philippines. It is usually skewered on a bamboo stick, and sold on the streets. The skewer stick is just for ease of serving and eating, but is not cooked on the skewer (as opposed to ginanggang).[1]


The term is a portmanteau of banana and barbecue (which in Philippine English refers to meat cooked in a style similar to satay).[2]

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