Alternative names Tulumba, Tatli
Type Doughnut
Place of origin Iran, Turkey, Iraq, Armenia
Created by -
Main ingredients Yogurt and starch-based dough, syrup
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Bāmiyeh (Persian: باميه), (Azerbaijani: Ballıbadı), Tulumba (Turkish: Tulumba), or Tulumba (Armenian: թոիլւիմբա) is a traditional Iranian, Turkish, Armenian, and Iraqi Sweet,[1] similar to a doughnut.[2]

Main ingredients

It is made from a [l]- and starch-based dough, which is fried before being dipped in syrup.[3] It is a special sweet often enjoyed at Iftar in Ramadan.[4] It is also commonly served with its counterpart, the zulbiā (Zoolbia), which is prepared the same way, but the only difference is that its a web-like arrangement consisting of strips of dough.

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