Baghsar Lake

باغ سر جھیل
Location Samahni valley
Coordinates 33°02′43″N 74°11′50″E / 33.0453°N 74.1971°E / 33.0453; 74.1971Coordinates: 33°02′43″N 74°11′50″E / 33.0453°N 74.1971°E / 33.0453; 74.1971
Basin countries Pakistan
Max. length 0.5 mi (0.80 km)

Baghsar (Urdu: باغ سر جھیل) is a lake situated at 975 m above sea-level in the Samahni Valley of Bhimber District in Pakistan's Azad Kashmir. The lake is roughly half a kilometre long and overlooks the Bandala Valley. The lake is a popular tourist destination.

Many local and migratory birds, especially ducks and geese, inhabit the lake. The lake is habitat to water lilies, and the surrounding hills are covered by cheerh, or pine trees and lily flowers.

Moghul Fort overlooks the lake from the top of a hill. This four story structure of granite has played important roles in history during the times of Ahmed Shah Abdali, Ranjit Singh and Gulab Singh. It is said that the Mughal Emperor Jahangir, on his way back from the Kashmir Valley, fell ill and ultimately died in this fort.

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