10th Chairman of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region
In office
January 12, 2009  March 30, 2016
Party Secretary Hu Chunhua, Wang Jun
Preceded by Yang Jing
Succeeded by Bu Xiaolin
Personal details
Born February 1955 (age 63)
Kangping, Liaoning, China
Nationality Mongolian Chinese
Political party Communist Party of China

Bagatur or Bater (simplified Chinese: 巴特尔; traditional Chinese: 巴特爾; pinyin: Bātè'ěr; born February 1955) is a Chinese politician of Mongol ancestry, currently serving as the Chairman of the State Ethnic Affairs Commission. A career party functionary with background in the Communist Youth League, Bagatur steadily ascended the ranks of government, spending his entire career in Inner Mongolia. Between 2009 and 2016, he served as Chairman of Inner Mongolia.


Bagatur, an ethnic Mongol, was born in Kangping County in northeastern Liaoning Province in February 1955. He obtained a diploma in Mongolian language from Hailar Mongolian Normal College. He began work in January 1973 in Ulan Muqir in the Evenk Autonomous Banner under Hulunbuir city, Heilongjiang Province. He then joined the CPC in December 1981 and went to serve in Inner Mongolia, ultimately becoming secretary of the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Regional Committee of the Communist Youth League of China between April 1986 and April 1992.

Bagatur served as the secretary of the CPC Wuhai Municipal Committee from March 1994 to December 1999 and also mayor of Wuhai from December 1994 to February 1998. During this time, he obtained a master's degree in political economics from Fudan University. He was the Secretary of the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region's party Discipline Inspection Commission from December 1999 to April 2008, and beginning in December 2001 was named deputy secretary of the CPC Inner Mongolia Autonomous Regional Committee. Bagatur was appointed acting chairman and vice chairman of the regional government on April 3, 2008.[1][2] He was elected chairman on January 12, 2009.[3][4]

Bagatur was an alternate member of the 15th Central Committee. He was a member of the 16th[5] and 17th Central Commissions of Discipline Inspection.[6] On December 27, 2008, Bagatur was admitted as a substitute delegate to the 11th National People's Congress (NPC) representing Inner Mongolia.[7] In November 2012, he was elected to the 18th Central Committee of the Communist Party of China.[8] In March 2016, Bagatur was transferred to become the Chairman of the State Ethnic Affairs Commission.[9]


Government offices
Preceded by
Yang Jing
Chairman of the
Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region

Succeeded by
Bu Xiaolin
Preceded by
Wang Zhengwei
Chairman of the State Ethnic Affairs Commission
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