Azov Upland

Azov Upland is a plateau or range of hills in East Ukraine within the Donetsk and Zaporizhia oblasts.

To the north it borders Dnieper Lowland, to northeast Donets Ridge, southwest Black Sea Lowland, south Azov Lowland. Elevation varies between 200–250 m (660–820 ft).

Interesting features are mounds locally known as mohyly (literally - burials). The highest hill is Belmak-Mohyla (Horyla) that rises at 327 m (1,073 ft).

The climate is similar to Donets Ridge. Soils are categorized as chernozem of poor or medium humus. Vegetation is a fescue-feather-grass steppe.


    Coordinates: 47°19′53″N 36°34′45″E / 47.3315°N 36.5791°E / 47.3315; 36.5791

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