Awn Al-Qaddoumi

Awn Al-Qaddoumi
Al-Qaddoumi in 2013
Native name عون القدومي
Born عون
(1982-07-02) July 2, 1982
Amman, Jordan
Residence Amman, Jordan
Nationality Jordanian
Citizenship Jordanian
Occupation Islamic scholar, teacher
Organization The Ma’arij Institute
Known for Founder of
The Ma’arij Institute
Title Shaykh
Parent(s) Mu’een Al-Qaddoumi (father)

Awn Al-Qaddoumi (Arabic: عون القدومي), is a well-known Sunni scholar and preacher. He is a popular media host and the principal of The Ma’arij Institute of Islamic Studies in Amman, Jordan. he pursued his shari’ah studies at the University of Jordan; and currently he is continuing higher academic studies at the Islamic University of Lebanon.[1]

Awn travels extensively to lecture and has done so at several important seats of Islamic learning like as Al-Azhar University (Egypt) and Dar al-Mustafa (Yemen). Also, he has appeared several times on TV, radio, and the internet. There are many audio and video recordings of his classes, lectures, and seminars available online. He is one of them initial founders of the LIFE radio station, a project he worked on until recent.[1]

Awn has taken from are many, the following are some of them:


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