Assembly of the Republic of Macedonia

Assembly of the Republic of Macedonia
Macedonian: Собрание на Република Македонија
Talat Xhaferi, BDI
Since 27 April 2017
Deputy Speakers
Vladica Milievski
Stjepan Aleksovski
Vasko Najdovski
Darko Blaževski
Dushko Spaseski
Atifete Kryeziu, SDSM
Seats 120
Political groups

Government (69)

  •      SDSM (49)
  •      DUI (10)
  •      BESA (5)
  •      AA (3)
  •      DPA (2)

Opposition (51)

Proportional representation
D'Hondt method
Last election
11 December 2016
Meeting place
Great hall of the Macedonian Parliament
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The Assembly of the Republic of Macedonia (Macedonian: Собрание на Република Македонија) or the Sobranie is the unicameral representative body of the citizens of the Republic of Macedonia; it is Macedonia's sole legislature. According to the Constitution, the Sobranie represents the people and is vested with legislative power. It can have between 120 and 140 MPs (currently 120), elected by proportional representation from 6 electoral districts, each contributing 20 MPs, and 3 reserved seats elected from the Macedonian diaspora which are awarded only if the voter turnout was sufficient. MPs are elected for a term of four years and cannot be recalled during their term. The Sobranie is presided over by a Speaker. Its organization and functioning are regulated by the Constitution and Rules of Procedure. The Assembly's seat is in the nation's capital, Skopje.

2016 election result

Party Votes % Seats +/–
VMRO-DPMNE coalition454,57739.3951−10
Social Democratic Union coalition436,98137.8749+15
Democratic Union for Integration86,7967.5210−9
Besa Movement57,8685.015New
Alliance for Albanians35,1213.043New
Democratic Party of Albanians30,9642.682−5
"VMRO for Macedonia" coalition24,5242.130New
The Left12,1201.050New
"CCJ–Third Block" coalition10,0280.870New
Liberal Party3,8400.3300
Party for Democratic Prosperity1,1430.1000
Invalid/blank votes37,870
Registered voters/turnout1,784,41666.79
Source: SEC

Speakers of the Assembly (1991–present)


  LPM (1)   SDSM (3)   DA (1)   LDP   VMRO–DPMNE (2)   DUI (1)

  Acting Speaker
Portrait Term of office Political Affiliation
1 Stojan Andov
8 January 19916 March 1996Liberal Party of Macedonia
2 Tito Petkovski
6 March 199619 November 1998Social Democratic Union of Macedonia
3 Savo Klimovski
19 November 199830 November 2000Democratic Alternative
(1) Stojan Andov
30 November 20004 October 2002Liberal Party of Macedonia
4 Nikola Popovski
4 October 20028 November 2003Social Democratic Union of Macedonia
Liljana Popovska
8 November 200318 November 2003Liberal Democratic Party
5 Ljupčo Jordanovski
18 November 20032 August 2006Social Democratic Union of Macedonia
6 Ljubiša Georgievski
2 August 200621 June 2008Internal Macedonian Revolutionary Organization

Democratic Party for Macedonian National Unity
7 Trajko Veljanovski
21 June 200827 April 2017Internal Macedonian Revolutionary Organization

Democratic Party for Macedonian National Unity
8 Talat Xhaferi
27 April 2017IncumbentDemocratic Union for Integration


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