Archery at the Summer Paralympics

Archery at the Summer Paralympics
Governing body IPC
Events 9 (men: 5; women: 4)

Para-archery has been contested at every Summer Paralympic Games since they were first held in 1960. Separate individual and team events are held for men and women. Archers are classified according to the extent of their disability, with separate individual events for each of three classes.

  • W1 - Wheelchair and Cerebral Palsy athletes with impairment in all four limbs
  • W2 - Wheelchair users with full arm function.
  • W3 - Standing athletes in Amputee, Les Autres and Cerebral Palsy categories. Some athletes in the standing group will sit on a high stool for support but will still have their feet touching the ground.[1]

Medal summary

Overall results, updated to the 2016 Summer Paralympics.

Rank Nation Gold Silver Bronze Total
1 Great Britain20242266
2 United States1981643
3 South Korea16111532
4 France16111238
5 South Korea16101329
6 West Germany159832
7 China108422
8 Italy8111130
9 South Africa64111
10 Japan512926
11 Sweden55313
12 Iran52310
13 Belgium46212
14 Finland45312
15 Rhodesia4004
16 Australia39517
17 Norway3339
18 Austria3216
19 Canada3025
20 Netherlands29314
21 Poland2439
22 Switzerland2349
23 Czech Republic2338
24 Germany2136
25 Russia2125
26 Denmark2024
27 Ireland1102
27 New Zealand1102
29 Slovakia1034
30 Turkey1012
31 Mexico1001
31 Mongolia1001
31 Unified Team1001
34 Spain0303
34 Thailand0303
36 Malaysia0101
36 Ukraine0101
38 Chinese Taipei0022


 Armenia (ARM)11
 Australia (AUS)248107463241112
 Austria (AUT)156215
 Azerbaijan (AZE)112
 Belarus (BLR)212
 Belgium (BEL)218477561110
 Brazil (BRA)182
 Canada (CAN)169341212135213
 China (CHN)2117124
 Chinese Taipei (TPE)12324
 Colombia (COL)1113
 Cyprus (CYP)212
 Czech Republic (CZE)346855
 Denmark (DEN)1522113219
 Egypt (EGY)21
 Finland (FIN)377711933135212
 France (FRA)36121279154347465515
 Georgia (GEO)11
 Germany (GER)1108745448
 Great Britain (GBR)74151513715131077812131115
 Greece (GRE)122115
 Guatemala (GUA)21
 Hong Kong (HKG)311511318
 Hungary (HUN)1313
 Iceland (ISL)11
 India (IND)4113
 Indonesia (INA)11
 Iran (IRI)33674
 Iraq (IRQ)21
 Ireland (IRL)114112118
 Israel (ISR)422115
 Italy (ITA)14432777977710914
 Jamaica (JAM)622
 Japan (JPN)411554108987103313
 Kazakhstan (KAZ)11
 Kenya (KEN)11
 Latvia (LAT)21
 Luxembourg (LUX)211115
 Malaysia (MAS)22324
 Malta (MLT)11
 Mexico (MEX)131116
 Mongolia (MGL)112235
 Netherlands (NED)1578941121111
 New Zealand (NZL)51351117
 Norway (NOR)6811952111110
 Poland (POL)24687537
 Puerto Rico (PUR)4113
 Rhodesia (RHO)1133
 Russia (RUS)182
 Singapore (SGP)21
 Slovakia (SVK)443425
 South Africa (RSA)3358116
 South Korea (KOR)35267791391010
 Spain (ESP)31121353343412
 Sri Lanka (SRI)112
 Sweden (SWE)19546117532142114
 Switzerland (SUI)11166332122132214
 Thailand (THA)443235
 Turkey (TUR)51183
 Ukraine (UKR)2568736
 Unified Team (EUN)41
 United States (USA)214211113767733587815
 Venezuela (VEN)11
 West Germany (FRG)1416141310116
 Zimbabwe (ZIM)11

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