Applied Economics Research Centre

Applied Economics Research Centre
Type Public
Established 1973
Director Prof. Dr. Samina Khalil
Location Karachi, Pakistan
Campus University of Karachi
Affiliations Higher Education Commission of Pakistan

Applied Economics Research Centre (AERC) is a research institute of University of Karachi. It was established in 1973 by government of Sindh and financially assisted by Ford Foundation. Prof. Dr. Ehsan Rasheed, the distinguished alumni of Aligarh University and the son of noted scholar Rashid Ahmad Siddiqui, was the first founding Director of the AERC. Prof. Dr. Shamsuddin, the present director of the institute, succeeded Prof. Dr. Malahat Kareem Serwani.

Initially there was only two-year post-master course of M.A.S. at AERC, but now it offers M.A.S, M.Phil, and Ph.D courses. It has the largest economics research library in Pakistan and hold entire past publications of International Monetary Fund, World Bank, Asian Development Bank and State Bank of Pakistan.

During last three decades it earned a respectable name as top research centre of economics and related sciences. Being a public institute, it not only charges nominal fees. It also offers merit and need-based monthly scholarships.

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