Antonije I

Antonije I
Archbishop of Peć and Serbian Patriarch
Church Serbian Patriarchate of Peć
See Patriarchal Monastery of Peć
Installed 1571
Term ended 1574
Predecessor Makarije I
Successor Gerasim I
Rank Patriarch
Personal details
Died 1574
Nationality Serbian
Denomination Eastern Orthodox Christianity

Antonije I Sokolović (Serbian Cyrillic: Антоније I Соколовић) was Archbishop of Peć and Serbian Patriarch from 1571 to 1574. He was the second primate of the restored Serbian Patriarchate of Peć, and nephew of previous Serbian Patriarch Makarije I.[1]

Antonije was born into the Serbian Sokolović family that gained prominence during the course of the 16th century. Its Christian branch gave several Serbian Patriarchs and Metropolitans, while second branch (converted to Islam) gave several viziers of the Ottoman Empire, including the Grand Vizier Mehmed Sokolović (1565-1579).[2] During the patriarchal tenure of his uncle Makarije I (1557-1571), Antonije became Metropolitan of Herzegovina. In 1571, old patriarch fell ill and convoked a church synod in the Banja Monastery near the city of Priboj. There he relinquished his throne, and metropolitan Antonije was elected his successor and new Serbian Patriarch. He resided in the Patriarchal Monastery of Peć. In that time, western eparchies of the Serbian Patriarchate were affected by the Ottoman-Venetian War (1570-1573) and massive demographic migrations. Patriarch Antonije stayed at his throne until death in 1574.[1]


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Eastern Orthodox Church titles
Preceded by
Makarije I
Serbian Patriarch
Succeeded by
Gerasim I
Preceded by
Metropolitan of Herzegovina
c. 1570
Succeeded by
Savatije Sokolović

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