Anglican Diocese of Harare

The Anglican Diocese of Harare is a diocese of the Church of the Province of Central Africa. The Anglican Diocese of Mashonaland was formed in 1891[1] and its first bishop was George Knight-Bruce.[2][3] He was succeeded by William Gaul (1895–1907), formerly Rector of St Cyprian's Church in Kimberley, Northern Cape. Small in stature, Gaul styled himself “the smallest bishop with the largest Diocese in Christendom.”[4] In 1915 the diocese became the Diocese of Southern Rhodesia [5] until 1952 when it reverted to the Diocese of Mashonaland. The diocese was known as the Diocese of Harare and Mashonaland, until changing his name to Diocese of Harare. It has experienced great turbulence in recent times.[6]

The current bishop of the Diocese of Harare is Chad Nicholas Gandiya. The bishop's seat is at the Cathedral of St Mary and All Saints, Harare.


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