Amir Cheema

Amir Abdul Rehman Cheema (Urdu: عامر چیمہ; Dec 4, 1977 – May 3, 2006) was a Pakistani Islamist and textile engineering student in Germany who entered the offices of the German daily newspaper Die Welt on March 20, 2006 with a large knife and attempted to murder Roger Köppel. Cheema was later arrested by building security guards.[1][2][3] On May 3, while awaiting trial and in German police custody, he was found dead in his cell.[4]

Pakistanis questioned the German's official version of the story.[5] While rumors spread after his death that he was tortured in the German prison, the German authorities produced a suicide note for Pakistan's foreign office.[6] In the course of the investigation, the German judicial system concluded his death was a suicide.[7]


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