American fried rice

American fried rice
American fried rice
Alternative names ข้าวผัดอเมริกัน
Course Rice dish
Place of origin Thailand
Main ingredients Rice
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American fried rice (Thai: ข้าวผัดอเมริกัน, RTGS: khao phat amerikan, pronounced [kʰâ(ː)w pʰàt ʔāmēːrīkān]) is a Thai fried rice dish with "American" side ingredients like fried chicken, ham, hot dogs, raisins, ketchup, and croutons.[1] Other ingredients like pineapple are optional.


Because it was invented during the Vietnam War era[1] to serve to United States Marine Corps and United States Air Force personnel stationed in Thailand, it was not generally found in Thai restaurants outside Thailand, but with the proliferation of Thai restaurants in the United States, American fried rice is now appearing on Thai restaurant menus there.

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