Aloo gobi

Aloo Gobi
Type Curry
Course Main
Place of origin Indian subcontinent
Region or state Indian subcontinent
Associated national cuisine India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Nepal
Serving temperature Hot
Main ingredients Potatoes, cauliflower, Indian spices (turmeric)
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Aloo gobi (आलू गोभी in Hindi, Urdu: آلو گوبھی, pronounced [aːluː ɡɔːbʱiː]) is a vegetarian dish from the Indian subcontinent made with potatoes (aloo), cauliflower (gob(h)i) and Indian spices; popular in Bangladeshi, Pakistani, Indian and Nepali cuisines. It is yellowish in color, due to the use of turmeric, and occasionally contains kalonji and curry leaves. Other common ingredients include garlic, ginger, onion, coriander stalks, tomato, peas, and cumin. A number of variations and similar dishes exist, but the name remains the same.

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