Aliens Control Act, 1973

Aliens Control Act, 1973
Act to amend the provisions of the Aliens Act, 1937, so as to prohibit the performance of certain acts in co-operation with or in respect of certain aliens; so as to provide for the issuing of temporary permits to certain persons; and so as to provide for the imposition of certain penalties on second or subsequent convictions of offences under that Act; to amend the provisions of the Admission of Persons to the Republic Regulation Act, 1972, so as to provide for the exemption of certain categories of persons from the provisions of section 13 (1) (a) of the latter Act; to amend section 43 of the latter Act so as to substitute a reference to section 51 for a reference to section 52; and so as to apply the provisions of section 13 (1) of the latter Act in respect of certain persons convicted in any country of certain offences; and to provide for incidental matters.
Citation Act No. 40 of 1973
Enacted by Parliament of South Africa
Date assented to 16 May 1973
Date commenced 23 May 1973
Date repealed 1 October 1991
Repealing legislation
Aliens Control Act, 1991
Status: Repealed

The Aliens Control Act No 40 of 1973 of South Africa led to the exemption of the racial group of Indians from the need to obtain permits for travel between provinces. However, in terms of provincial legislation at the time, Indians were not allowed to stay in the Orange Free State and parts of northern Natal for more than a brief period unless prior permission had been obtained.


The laws prohibiting Indians from residing in the Orange Free State and northern Natal, from which the Aliens Control Act had granted an exemption, were themselves repealed in 1986. The act was repealed by section 60 of the Aliens Control Act, 1991.


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