Algeria–Mexico relations

Algeria-Mexico relations



Algeria-Mexico relations refers to the diplomatic relations between Algeria and Mexico.


In 1962, Mexico was the first country to recognize the newly independent Algeria after gaining independence from France.[1] Diplomatic relations between the two nations were formally established on 21 October 1964. In 1965, Mexico's ambassador in Cairo, Egypt was accredited to Algeria. In 1974, a resident embassy of Mexico was opened in Algiers and in 1975, Algeria opened an embassy in Mexico City.[2]

In 2008, as a sign of mutual friendship, a statue of Abdelkader El Djezairi was unveiled in Mexico City. In 2011, a statue dedicated to Emiliano Zapata was unveiled in Algiers.[3] In October 2014, both nations celebrated 50 years of diplomatic relations.[4]

State visits

Presidential visits from Algeria to Mexico

Presidential visits from Mexico to Algeria

Bilateral agreements

Both nations have signed several bilateral agreements such as an Agreement on Cultural Cooperation (1977); Agreement on Cooperation in the Field of Hydrocarbons and their derivatives industry between Pemex and Sonatrach (1984) and an Agreement on establishing an Intergovernmental Commission for Economic, Commercial, Scientific and Technological Cooperation (1985).[5]

Trade relations

In 2017, two-way trade between both nations amounted to $116.1 million USD.[6] Algeria's main exports to Mexico include; oil, feminine hygiene products, corks and tiles. Mexico's main exports to Algeria include: wheat, garbanzo beans, antibiotics, antivenin, centrifuges and pharmaceutical products.[7] Algeria is Mexico's 67th biggest trading partner (2nd biggest in Africa) while Mexico is Algeria's 38th biggest trading partner, globally.[8] Mexican multinational company Grupo Hermes operates in Algeria.[9]

Resident diplomatic missions


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