Algeria–Israel relations

Algeria–Israel relations



Algeria–Israel relations refers to the current and historical relations between Algeria and Israel. The two states do not have any official diplomatic relations at all. Algeria refuses entry to any citizen holding an Israeli passport or any other visa from Israel. Algeria is designated as enemy state of Israel and bans Algerians from entering the country.


Algeria sent a battalion of infantry and a squadron of MiG-21s to Egypt during the 1967, it lost three Mig-29s to Israel during the six day war [1]

During the Yom Kippur War Algeria sent a expeditionary force to fight Israel, it included 59 air planes (Mig 21 , Mig 17 , Su-7) an infantry platoon and an armored brigade (estimated 19 artillery weapons).

In the mid 1990s, while Israel and North African states slowly started diplomatic relations, Algeria remained one of the last countries to consider such a move. It was only when Israeli prime minister Ehud Barak met Algerian President Abdelaziz Bouteflika at the funeral of the Moroccan King Hasan II on July 25, 1999 that comments about rapprochement were made.

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