Alaska Republican Party

Alaska Republican Party
Chairperson Tuckerman Babcock
Senate leader Kevin Meyer
House leader Mike Chenault
Ideology Conservatism
Fiscal conservatism
Social conservatism
Economic liberalism
National affiliation Republican Party
Colors Red
14 / 20
House of Representatives
21 / 40
U.S. Senate
2 / 2
U.S. House of Representatives
1 / 1

The Alaska Republican Party is the affiliate of the United States Republican Party (GOP) in Alaska, headquartered in Anchorage.[1]

It is the dominant or majority party in Alaska. As of 2015, Republicans hold both of Alaska's seats in the United States Senate, and Alaska's single seat in the United States House of Representatives. They also hold majorities in both houses of the state legislature.

The Alaska Republican Party has also greatly helped GOP presidential candidates in the state and has transformed the Last Frontier into one of the most staunchly Republican states in the nation. For instance, Republican John McCain won Alaska in 2008 with 59.42% of the total statewide vote over Democrat Barack Obama who received 37.89%, a 21.53-percent margin of victory for the senior U.S. Senator from Arizona.[2] All Republican presidential nominees have won Alaska in recent elections; the last (and only) Democrat to carry Alaska was Lyndon B. Johnson in 1964.[3]


The Alaska Republican Party originates from Alaska's first district governor. Once Alaska was granted the status of United States District civilian leadership could be appointed by the current president of the United States. President Chester A. Arthur appointed Alaska's first territorial governor. He was a Republican named John Henry Kinkead.[4]

Alaska Republicans as a party organization can trace their origin to Alaska's first legislature in 1913.[5]


State party leaderPositionCity
Tuckerman BabcockChairmanSoldotna
Rick WhitbeckVice-ChairmanAnchorage
Peter S. GoldbergNational CommitteemanEagle River
Cynthia HenryNational CommitteewomanFairbanks
Edna DeVriesSecretaryPalmer
Ernest HurstAssistant SecretaryAnchorage


Current elected officials

Members of Congress

U.S. Senate

U.S. House of Representatives

State Senate

Senate President: Kevin Meyer

Senate Majority Leader: John Coghill

State senatorDistrictCity
Click Bishop District C Fairbanks
John CoghillDistrict BNorth Pole
Mia Costello District K Anchorage
Mike J. Dunleavy District E Wasilla
Cathy GiesselDistrict NAnchorage
Charlie HugginsDistrict DWasilla
Pete Kelly District A Fairbanks
Anna MacKinnon District G Anchorage
Lesil McGuire District L Anchorage
Kevin Meyer District M Anchorage
Peter Micciche District O Soldotna
Bert Stedman District R Sitka
Gary Stevens District P Kodiak
Bill Stoltze District F Chugiak


State House of Representatives

Speaker of the House: Mike Chenault

Majority Leader: Charisse Millett

State representativeDistrictCity
Mike ChenaultDistrict 29Nikiski
Jim Colver District 9 Palmer
Lynn Gattis District 7 Wasilla
Mike HawkerDistrict 28Anchorage
Shelley HughesDistrict 11Palmer
Craig JohnsonDistrict 24Anchorage
Wes KellerDistrict 10Wasilla
Gabrielle LeDoux District 15 Anchorage
Bob LynnDistrict 26Anchorage
Charisse MillettDistrict 25Anchorage
Cathy MuñozDistrict 34Juneau
Mark NeumanDistrict 8Big Lake
Kurt OlsonDistrict 30Soldotna
Lance PruittDistrict 27Anchorage
Lora Reinbold District 14 Eagle River
Dan SaddlerDistrict 13Eagle River
Paul SeatonDistrict 31Homer
Louise Stutes District 32 Kodiak
Dave TalericoDistrict 6Healy
Steve ThompsonDistrict 2Fairbanks
Cathy Tilton District 12 Wasilla
Liz Vazquez District 22 Anchorage
Tammie WilsonDistrict 3North Pole


Famous Alaska Republicans

Sarah Palin is one of Alaska's most recognizable Republicans. She was elected governor in 2006[9] and was John McCain's running-mate in the 2008 Presidential Election.[10]

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