Air Tamajeq language

Native to Niger
Region Sahara
Native speakers
250,000 (1998)[1]
  • Air (Tayiṛt)
  • Tanassfarwat (Tamagarast)
Language codes
ISO 639-3 thz
Glottolog taya1257[2]

Air Tamajeq (Tayiṛt) is a variety of Tamasheq, one of the Tuareg languages. It is spoken by the Tuareg people inhabiting the Aïr Mountains, in the Agadez Region of Niger.

Ethnologue lists two dialects: Air (Tayert) and Tanassfarwat (Tamagarast/Tamesgrest). Blench (2006) considers these two varieties to be distinct languages. He lists Ingal and Gofat as dialects of Air/Tayirt and Azerori as a dialect of Tamesgrest.


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