Air Force ranks and insignia of Chile

Ranks and insignia, similar to the Royal Air Force but adapted to suit the origins of the Chilean Air Force, are worn on shoulder collars and cuffs. General officers have the Condor eagle in their shoulder collars while officer cadets have a unique symbol, that of the Aviation School "Captain Manuel Ávalos Prado", on their shoulder collars. On the NCOs and enlistees, only Subofficer Majors and Subofficers wear both shoulder and cuff insignia, while Graduate Soldiers wear a double capital letter E (for the Air Force Specialties School "First Sergeant Adolfo Menandier Rojas") on their shoulder collars alongside their unique cuff marking.

Officer ranks (SS.OO.)

The officer ranking system and insignia are similar to the RAF pattern of ranks, save for the General officer ranks, modified to suit the British style ranks, and the Colonel rank.[1] Other ranks with foreign influences are that of Air Brigade General, a general officer rank in the French Air Force, and Air General, a general officer rank in the Spanish Air Force and the Bolivian and Colombian air forces.

Rank[2]General OfficerSuperior OfficerChief OfficerJunior OfficerCadet Officer
Sleeve (service dress)
Sleeve (full dress)
RankGeneral del AireGeneral de AviaciónGeneral de Brigada AéreaComodoroCoronel de AviaciónComandante de GrupoComandante de EscuadrillaCapitán de BandadaTenienteSubtenienteAlférezCadete
TranslationAir GeneralAviation GeneralAir Brigade GeneralCommodoreAviation ColonelGroup CommanderSquadron CommanderFlight CaptainLieutenantSub-lieutenantEnsignCadet Officer
EquivalentAir Chief MarshalAir MarshalAir Vice-MarshalAir Commodore
(optional rank for senior Group Captains)
Group CaptainWing CommanderSquadron LeaderFlight LieutenantFlying OfficerPilot OfficerActing Pilot OfficerOfficer Cadet


Noncommissioned and enlisted ranks

RankSubofficer MajorSubofficerClassStudentConscripted Soldier
RankSuboficial MayorSuboficialSargento 1°Sargento 2°Cabo 1°Cabo 2°CaboAlumnoSoldado Conscripto
TranslationSub-officer MajorSub-officerFirst SergeantSecond SergeantFirst CorporalSecond CorporalCorporalStudentConscript Soldier
EquivalentWarrant OfficerWarrant OfficerFlight SergeantSergeantCorporalSenior Aircraftman (Air Groups and Topography Service),
Lance Corporal(Antiaircraft Artillery Regiment, Personnel Command and Logistics)
Leading Aircraftman Student NCOAircraftman



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